The Experience of Silence

 Silence, once reached becomes a beautiful and accessible jewel that nurtures the soul.  Once attained, silence becomes one’s touchstone of peace and stability.  What follows can be read before meditating as a compass pointing towards your true nature~ It is offerred as a BLESSING in acknowledgement of who you truly are.  These are the words of Dadi Janki


“There is a part of you that is perfect and pure.

It is untouched by the less than perfect characteristics

you have acquired by living in a less than perfect world.

It is filled with divine qualities,

and is in a constant state of resourcefulness

and well-being.

Its total absence of conflict and negativity makes this part of you

a Still-Point

a deep, enriching experience of Silence.


Make time to practice reaching this inner place of Silence.

It will bring you untold benefit.


First, it allows you to manage your thoughts better.

You will find, that there is no need to think as much.

For you will see that simply by sitting quietly

Answers emerge for 

all that you need.

Second, the experience of Silence releases you from the grip

of your negative programming and conditioning.

Your mind  remains focused and positive.


Third, the power of Silence can be shared.

As your power of Silence increases, 

your power can help those without power

to continue in their efforts of self-development

and to experience peace.

Your stock of Silence plus an additional stock of true,

powerful thoughts will help others go beyond the limited

into the unlimited and the divine.”

Dadi Janki

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