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An invitation to explore our updated website called:


Power is one's ability to choose one's thoughts and life pathDo you wish to truly find ways to get in touch with the grace and power of knowing the Self, without spending oodles of dollars?

If you do, we have a website called that has been set up for just that purpose, the purpose of growing into soul-consciousness and outgrowing the default consciousness of the body.

What are the perks for being soul consciousness… for learning about who you truly are?

For one, you will be much less ego-driven and less limited by placating and satisfying the ever demanding needs of the body. What this translates into is freedom and a true sense of peace.

Tune in to the new weekly postings of videos, interviews, inspired writings, and audios geared towards helping you to make the most precious use of your time in this journey of remembering who you are.

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