Thoughts Like a Lighthouse


It has been said by the Highest on High that “the thoughts of a pure and charitable soul are like a lighthouse that can show the true destination to souls who are wandering around.”

So tonight I ask both of us, you and me, how elevated is our power of thought?

Earlier today I wrote down this thought:

Without awareness there is no power. Only with awareness and knowledge of who I really am can I manifest my true attributes.  

Who Am I?

I am  pure, bodiless, faceless, egoless, viceless in the Company of the Truth.

I am a Master Almighty Authority.  I belong to the realm of unlimited power. I am a being of flight, of movement, of joy and happiness, of truth and power.  

I am self-sovereign.  I am a deity in the making.   I have been all of this and more and I will be all of this once again.

Hum so, so hum is Hindi for what I was before, I will be again.


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