Bless and You Will Be Blessed

Just when you think the day will be ordinary, think again, and remember the One and watch the JOY begin!!!

It was a beautiful day in June 2015.  However, I awoke feeling way less than chipper,sore throat, beyond words!  I decided to nurture the body, but even more so the soul residing within the chariot, by not leaving the house until 2ish, and then it was straight to the local watering hole for a cup of joe!

“Still waking up?”, I said inwardly to the body!

I, the soul was ready for action, and so with a quick, sincere invoking of the One, I launched forward with a wonderful deck of blessing cards, I’m known to carry.

It was time to bless someone with a card,that could acknowledge who they truly are.

I felt very introverted, but after having invoked the Benevolent One, I knew all would happen in a wonderful way, with me as the willing instrument!  As I walked up to the register to pay, I saw a very sweet soul behind the counter, a mother of 3 girls, who I had often seen here, smiling and glowing, any time of day. I knew that her twin girls had graduated from high school last weekend.

I paid for the coffee and since there was no line in sight, I pulled out the beautiful deck of cards and said: “pick one”.

She was surprised and said,” you mean anyone that calls to me?”

” Yes”, I said relieved and excited.”  “That’s it, exactly”, knowing all was playing out, precisely as it would!

Without a moment’s hesitation, she pulled a card from the pack!  She read it silently as I watched  her well up with emotion, that finally broke through the dam of “no longer can I hold these tears back”!

Wow, I thought…I wondered which card she had picked and what message had touched her heart, so deeply.

I had assured her that every card in the deck was good, kind of like the angel cards, most of us are familiar with.  But what happened was over the top!

She came out from behind the counter and deeply embraced me, with a passion that only a mother can give.  This beautiful soul, mother of 3, talented and bright, working a cash register at the fancy health food store, had pulled GENEROSITY~.

She asked if she could keep the card!  Of course, you can; I always encourage souls to keep the card as an affirmation, an acknowledgement, and a helpful reminder.

As I walked the beach, a while later, what came in loud and clear was that what had touched her was the acknowledgement of the soul and the truth, for generous, she is to all who know her.  Yet, to acknowledge the self, with this elevated thought~is considerably rare, yet so powerful and correct.  It is not egotistical to think of your own goodness and to know your own value!

She had said those small moments of recognition made her day.  I, too, was blessed.

And blessed, again, with this little story, to encourage you to do your best to always bless whoever comes in front of you.

No one should leave empty-hearted!

Be a bestower, see the soul, not the costume.  Give each one the very best that you are. Make it one of your favorite habits.

Fill and you will be filled.

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