A Space to be One’s Self=True Friendship in the words of a friend

Once again, I’m taking inspiration from another soul to feed you, the souls who are reading this blog!  In times of healing, when my own thoughts are incubating, I read the works of others who sustain and inspire my muse!  Here is a piece from a book called: Remember by Anthony Strano.

” Any worthwhile relationship is based on friendship.  True friendship is a great blessing.

Friendship creates respectful space, a space of encouragement to be one’s self.

Friendship with Time enables me to value every moment as a precious opportunity.

Friendship with Nature sustans order, harmony, and balance.

Friendship with my own mind guarantees constant peace and stability.

Friendship with myself emerges my innate dignity.

Friendship with others expresses the goal of human life: happiness and fulfillment.

Friendship with God rekindles the feeling of eternal belonging.”

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