Do Nothing, Attain Everything~part 2


All fear comes from loss,

the more you have,

                                the more you have to lose.                             

The more you need,

the less you smile.

Your fear owns you, your stuff controls you.  Your mind outsmarts you…and cages your soul in an invisible box, you call:

“My Life”.

                   Are you willing to die alive?  Die to all you are and all you own?                    Can you die and breathe in peace?

All you can see is not me!

You’re not what you see! You’re not what you can hear.

Nothing is left but the smiling star.

The Light that beams eternally at the back of the room of your mind…

You will never satisfy your cravings for rest until you awaken and rest in My Lap, in the arms of True Love and Bliss.

These are not words.

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