Steps to Create a Powerful and Peaceful Meditation Experience~~

The time that we choose to be aware is not only available when we sit; it can happen whenever we choose to be present, even as we walk, talk, and move around.

Having said that, carving out space and time for a deep meditation experience can require some decisions to be made about “where and when”.  So choose your spot wisely and then decide which time serves you best.   Will you begin your day with deep reflection of yourself as an immortal soul and move into bliss or will you choose to end the day with peaceful reflection. Will you plan to take a ten or fifteen break in the middle of your busy workday to remember you are a being of peace and love.  There are many places you could choose,  it could be a serene outdoor setting, embraced by nature,  or a favorite chair or pillow in quiet corner that you have reserved for the special energetics of meditation.  Be creative.  Choose your timetable and be regular about it. This will serve you well.

Begin by letting go of any concerns or worries, surrender them up, knowing they will be resolved, expand your feelings of faith and trust.  Let go of bodily concerns by focusing your breath in deep inhalations that sweep through your body, and glorious exhalations that allowing your material awareness to release and fade out with each breath.

To slow down the mind and put the events of the day to rest, choose to focus on one or more of the following thoughts that will uplift your awareness and consciousness:

  1.  Observe the setting in which your body is resting from a far off distance in time and space.  See the present scene, as if you were sitting on a star and from the standpoint of eternity.

2.  Reflect how temporary and changing everything physical is.

3.  Visualize your mind being soothed by light pouring into                        the top of your head, bringing in the sanctity of silence                          protecting you from distraction and strengthening your                        aura, filling it with an otherwordly sense of peace and                            comfort.

4.  As you slip into a meditative space, day by day, hour by                         hour, minute by minute, you will become more masterful                     over your thoughts, as well as the senses.  You will be able to               see but not see, hear but not listen, feel but not by governed                 by feelings; it all becomes a choice.  Learning to focus and                   meditate with softly opened eyes contributes to this mastery               as you move about your day.

All of that can be called Stage 1: preparation for meditation.  In Stage 2 you will choose a theme which you enjoy, understand, and which for you has the conviction and resonance of Truth.  Take this theme and immerse your mind in it.  Introduce your theme as a powerful thought onto the screen of your mind.  Simply focus, contmeplate on the beauty, peace and upliftment that this thought brings to you, the soul.

An example of a simple, refined truth to dwell upon might be:

I, the higher being, the soul am like a sparkling star of radiant peaceful light; a guest in this world~

or:  I, the soul, am loved by the Supreme Soul, my Divine Mother/Father~

Stage 3~ Concentration~

Start out with full attention on your chosen thought for 2or 3 minutes.  If any other thoughts come to mind, ignore them, and return to your chosen thought.  Concentrating on an image is useful here to strengthen your concentration.  Images increase the depth and power of your thinking and concentration. drishti picture

Stage 4~ Allow feelings based on this thought to arise~

After 100% concentration for 2 or 3 minutes on yourself as a radiant peaceful light, you may become aware of feelings such as: feelings of calmness and comfort, feeling content, a sense of lightness, even joy…

pink and blue sun

Stage 5 ~ As you become immersed in the feelings being generated, silently take note of any other details of your experience. This can enhance your awareness of what you are feeling even more.  Some examples of this are:

 I am aware that I no longer feel alone.

Or~I feel a deep  comfort and/or contentment knowing I am eternal, imperishable.

Or~This peace is natural to me~

Stage 6~ Letting Go, Surrender

Lotus on Blue

This is a very wonderful stage since you are now basking in an extremely pleasant and familiar experience.   As all internal resistance vanishes, you feel stable in this powerful state of peace and security which nothing can interrupt, unless you choose to allow it.the soul speaks to you in quiet momentsStage 7~ While steeped in this experience, note what new awareness you have of your inner world.

An example of a new experience (based on your topic of being aware of your true identity as a soul) might be:

I, the soul actually need nothing from the outer world.  I, the soul am entirely seperate from the body, the body breathes while my awareness is elsewhere.  I, the soul am actively having an experience, while the body simply rests; etc. etc. You may even be experiencing the deliciousness of freedom, as a being of light.

Stage 8 ~ You may wish to keep a journal or chart of your mediation experiences and discoveries.

You may wish to note your favorite themes, the ones that take you deep, or the ones that you can linger at length with.

You may also enjoy noticing how a particular thought transforms into a related feeling and how that feeling brings you into another deeper thought.

Journaling or charting your experience gives you an opportunity to reflect on the part of you, which previously has not received a lot of “air time”.

This kind of practice, over time, allows you to naturally become more of who you truly are~

A peaceful, happy, eternal soul, seperate from the fluctuations of the body, yet playing out your “role” through the costume of the body.Featured Image -- 347                                                    OM SHANTI

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