An Easy Meditation Method to Become Free

By making effort to become the “detached observer”, the unlimited soul, the point of light in the center of your forehead, independent of any limited supports, you will become blessed with innate happiness and wholeness. (holiness)

If during this contemplation of yourself as a bodiless point of light, you find that any of the old patterns of “body consciousness” arise: such as  fear, worry, anger, greed, lust, disappointmet, or attachment, deeply realize that these energies are not part of your original makeup.  They are the golden chains that you have acquired over time.

To free yourself, visualize yourself holding a very sharp pair of garden clippers and cut yourself free from these old chains of limitation. Use this visualization each day for a month, whenever these patterns emerge.

The visualization in and of itself is not the magic formula.  It is holding the intention to be totally free of what is not truly you that will open you to releasing conscious and unconscious patterns that have been holding you back from your eternal happiness.







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