In the Beginning, There was Only You~

“Other people, even those we love and admire, sometimes question the path we choose.  However, we should not let this be an obstacle, because our intuition will guide us.  Venture bravely: your inner lantern will always light the way.”

In thinking about where to begin a book about the soul,  it occurred to me that the best place to begin is at the beginning in the sweet silent Home of the Soul, where the soul resides before beginning its earthly sojourn.

This beginning point can be experienced once again, through the practice of meditation. This stage is considered the highest, purest, and most powerful stage of meditation, known simply as the “seed stage”.  In the seed stage, there is no longer the active creation of pure, contemplative thoughts, for at this point there is only the self as soul and the Supreme Soul.  All expansion of thought has stopped, and what remains is the pure, powerful state of being a bodiless, eternal soul in the company of the Ocean of Bliss, Peace, and Love.

In the seed stage, one has gone beyond the body, and even more, beyond the burden of heavy thoughts of the mind. One is also free from what was once the constant questions of the intellect and the effects of past impressions upon the soul. There are no conscious thoughts of “I am not this body”, nor even that “I am the soul”.  There is only the awareness of the original form, only the consciousness of light.  In this stage, there is pure soul-consciousness.

In the seed stage of meditation, one is complete and full, totally above and beyond everything. The only reality for the soul is its link with God and the experience of the power of God’s love, peace, and bliss.  The soul receives waves and waves of light vibrations from the Spiritual Sun which are absorbed and then overflow out to the whole world below and all other souls.

It is in this stage where it all began and it is this stage to which we all must return.

Life is a cosmic journey and the soul is the cosmic traveler.  The Father tells us: “Have patience, oh soul!  Your days of happiness are about to come.”  And in the meantime, have mercy upon yourselves and learn as much as you can about who you are, your true nature, and the true nature of God.  As a soul, your most valuable treasures are your thoughts and your time.

soul world

The sweet silent abode of all souls and the Supreme Soul is called Nirvana, which means “without sound”.  Silence is so familiar to the soul.  We bask in it and are empowered!

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