Who Runs Your Show?


Many authors, life coaches, therapists, and others who take the time to think and feel seem to be pointing in a similar direction. People are hungry to KNOW themselves!!!  In a very informative book called:

                                    Soul Power/The Transformation that Happens When You Know- 

                                                                  the author Nikki DeCarteret wrote:  

We are all spiritually powerful.  It’s just that we have forgotten this.

It is as if we have been asleep for a long time and

our internal clock is now signaling us to awaken to our Soul Power…

                                                      Soul Power is the ultimate spiritual intelligence.

She speaks of “our journey back to Soul Power”… being dependent upon                    


                                   what factors drain spiritual energy and what practices restore it.”

She discusses how “the re-discovery of Soul Power unleashes the power of love, self-acceptance, and spiritual healing… and that… Soul Power is strengthened through spiritual practices such as silence, reflection, contemplative inquiry, prayer, and meditation.  

                   “I am a soul”

                           purple you are a soul


In actuality, I the soul have a body. Even though in English, it is grammatically correct to say “my soul”, it is not spiritually correct. This understanding that I, the soul HAVE a body and a mind, puts my identity into the right awareness or right position.

As we journey deeper into re-discovering our true nature, it  becomes startlingly clear, that it is I, the soul who is the living, conscient being . The soul uses the body for its expression.  It is the soul that experiences everything through its body and  it is I, the soul whose aim it is to awaken and to become self-sovereign over these functions of the soul  (the mind, conscience/intellect, and sanskars/habits)  through meditation, inquiry, reflection, silence, and prayer.

                         This is the perfect moment to have an experience….a moment of meditation and silent inquiry

Close your mind, shut your ears, and retreat from the world.

JUST concentrate.

THEN silently say to yourself the following words:

I relax my body.

I relax my mind.

Gently, very gently, I concentrate on the center of my forehead

I visualize there a point of light.


I begin the journey into deep silence to meet my original self

I ask “Who am I” ?

In the silence, I remember that I am a spiritual being

I am a soul

My original nature is peace and harmony

I am free from anything wasteful

I am free from the past

I concentrate on the essential part of me

The soul

A point of living energy

I am peace

Pure, deep peace

I am light, peace, harmony, silence

In this awareness I connect with the Supreme Source of love

I remember this original friendship

I experience the presence of the Eternal One

the One’s Light,

the Love,

the silence,

Love, Light, silence

This will heal me.



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