Who’s Running Your Show~Or what is the relationship between the soul and me?

purple you are a soul“The greatest wonder of nature is the soul”. (murli)  All the details of your many lives are merged in this tiny point of the soul. What a wonder!  All the experiences that you have ever had in your different lifetimes are combined in the soul and together create what is called in Hindi: the “sanskaras” or “sanskars”.  In English this translates to:  personality, character, and your particular and unique propensities based on lifetimes of repetition of your way of thinking, acting, and speaking.  As you can see, the sanskaras are created based on your former lives and  are embedded in the fabric of the soul along with, (2) your mind, and (3)your intellect (conscience). More details on this in the chapter called “The Anatomy of the Soul”.

An important note which will be discussed in detail later is that our “original sanskars” before we began this journey of life after life on earth, are Peace, Love, Truth, Joy, Spiritual Power, and Bliss.

In Nikki De Carteret’s book: Soul Power/The Transformation that Happens When You Know, she states: “Most of us hunger to know ourselves”….her understanding is that “we are all spiritually powerful.  It’s just that we have forgotten this. It is as if we have been asleep for a long time and our internal clock is now signaling us to awaken to our Soul Power.” (pp VI and VII)

De Carteret goes on to say :” Soul Power is the ultimate spiritual intelligence.  It comes from the knowledge of the the true self and a clear understanding of the nature and function of the soul.

De Carteret is a student of the true Bhagavad Gita and has studied closely with a widely known present-day mystic of India, Dadi Janki.  Scientists have studied the mind of Dadi Janki through various measuring instuments and have concluded that Janki has the most stable mind in the world!  Both Janki and De Carteret tribute their achievements, wisdom, and dedication to sharing knowledge with others on their practice of Raja Yoga Mediation and their daily study of the true Gita also known as the “Murli”.  Dadi Janki is going into her 100th year and has now been on the path of Raja Yoga for 75 years.  She is a mentor and an example for thousands.

In Soul Power, De Carteret speaks of “our journey back to Soul Power”… when “we come to understand the dynamics of spiritual growth”, and differentiate between  ” what factors drain spiritual energy and what practices and transformational forces, restore it.”

She discusses how “the re-discovery of Soul Power unleashes the power of love, self-acceptance, and spiritual healing.” And how ” When you tap into your Soul Power you will receive insights about yourself…” (p.VII) as well as, restore the original powers and virtues of the soul.

She shares that “Soul Power cannot be taught but is strengthened through spiritual practices such as silence, reflection, inquiry, prayer, and meditation.  Only through the understanding and application of spiritual principles and truths is our consciousness raised sufficiently to release the experience of the inner powers” (p. VII) of the soul.

I heartily agree with De Carteret when she states that: “I am a soul, I do not have a soul. In actuality, I the soul have a body. Though in English it is grammatically correct to say “my soul”, it is not spiritually correct.  Other languages do not require the use of the possessive term (my) and this is also true of spiritual language.” (p.VII)

In her book, as well in this one, the phrase “I, the soul” is used, as well as “the soul” when referring to the anatomy and functions and attibutes of the soul that apply to us all.

At this point in our discovery of ourself as “soul”, it seems beneficial to quote another best-selling authority on the subject.  Gary Zuka, in his brilliant attempt to describe the true nature of the soul, in the well-received The Seat of the Soul, said “Every person has a soul, but a personality that is limited in its perception to the five senses is not aware of its soul, and therefore, cannot recognize the influences of its soul…” (p.30)

Zukav goes on to say that “as a personality becomes multisensory, its intuitions, hunches, and subtle feelings become important to it.  When a multisensory personality looks inside itself…it learns …which currents produce anger, divisive thoughts, and destructive actions and which currents produce love, healing thoughts and constructive actions.  In time, it learns to value … those currents that generate creativity, healing, and love, and to challenge and release those currents that create negativity, disharmony, and violence. Zulav claims that: ” In this way, a personality comes to experience the energy of its soul.” (p31)

Zukav also says: “If you desire to know your soul, the first step is to recognize that you have a soul. The next step is to … consider, if I have a soul, …What does my soul want? and  What is the relationship between my soul and me?  Possibly this is just an error in semantics,  like the question of what came first the chicken or the egg?  the soul or the personality?

However, as we journey deeper into re-discovering our true nature, it will become startlingly clear, that it is I, the soul who exists first, as well as the one who exists eternally.  It is I,the soul who has a mind, an intellect/conscience, and sanskaras/habits. The mind and intellect are the tools of the soul and the sanskaras are the impressions made on the soul throughout its life experiences. The soul uses the body for its expression.  It is the soul that experiences everything through its body and  it is I, the soul whose aim is to awaken and to become self-sovereign over these aspects of the soul  (the mind, conscience/intellect, and sanskars/habits)  through meditation, inquiry, reflection, silence,and prayer.

This is the perfect moment to have an experience of the validity of what is behind all the words that can only point us in the direction of our true knowingness and our true reality.

For a moment, using the tools of inquiry and reflection, reflect upon this question, as you are going about your day now, and at any time that you notice that there is a running dialogue or a lot of chatter going on inside your head. Who is it that has noticed the chattering?  Likewise, who is it that is doing the chattering?

These are subtle questions, but, as you may already be aware of,  there is a very real distinction to be made here, between the doer and the observer.  A distinction that can bring you into more recognition of the true You and into more and more Soul Power, as you stay seated in the Seat of the Soul!

Who is listening to the chatter?   You, the soul or you, the personality?   Who is listening and who is chattering?   If you answered, it is I, the soul, who is the silent observer, beyond the chatter of the mind and the personality, you are getting closer to knowing who you truly are.

Experience is often said to be the best teacher.  So just for a moment, if you will, put this book/kindle down, so that you can have another experience which will anchor you into this subtle silent observer which we call I, the soul.

Take some deep relaxing breaths and forget about everything you just read.  Imagine that nothing exists outside of your room and that the room, itself is completely empty, nothing to distract you. Keeping your eyes opened or closed, turn your attention away from the body and go inwards. You may immediatly become aware of the many thoughts moving across your mind…pay them no attention. Choose not to focus on the thoughts,  let them go.  Become rooted in the silent observer, watching your thoughts moving along, just as clouds form and then move along across the sky, finally disappearing out of sight.

Since you have chosen not to pay attention to  your thoughts, they will probably begin to slow down. Become  quite determined and  decide to focus all of your attention on the idea of peace, only peace.  Allow peace to wash away everything that you presently experience to be you, the personality, you, the mind, and you your heart or conscience.  Just for these few moments, imagine you have no name…no gender. At this point, click on this link and enjoy this brief, but powerful deep meditation experience with Sister Jenna:


If you are ready for a slightly longer guided meditation, about 9 minutes…enjoy the late Anthony Strano as he narrates “Stepping Inwards”.

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