Loving Exercises for the Soul : Cultivating Peace and Power

beautiful rose and beautiful background


Contemplate on the ways that you are loving towards your Self.  Eating comfort food doesn’t count!

Reflect upon how you disrespect yourself and are hard on yourself.

Go deep into which thoughts elevate you and which ones bring you down!


Select one of your strengths and focus on amplifying it for a day, a week, a fortnight until it becomes a current running through your every thought, your every move, your every word. What you contemplate upon, increases.

Here’s a possible list to choose from:

patience, honesty, lightness, determination, courage, integrity, contentment, peace, love, joy.

Practice filling your actions with the quality of your choice..for example when you cook, cook with honesty, conduct your business meetings with honesty, walk with honesty…Note down the changes that manifest within you and around you as you focus upon cultivating the quality you have chosen.

Cave Dream

Get up a little earlier than usual.  Make your first thought be of your Spiritual Mother/Father and your gratitude for the blessings that One has bestowed upon you!

Before going to sleep, review your day and let go of any mistakes, give them to your Spiritual Mother who with compassion receives them graciously.  Give Her your successes as well.

When you wake up early the next day, feel how clean your heart feels!


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