The Soul within Spiritual Community

Diamond Hall Beauty Shot>Tonight I read a very comprehensive piece about how souls orient themselves within a larger spiritual community. The soul writing about it went through a deep initiatory experience with a few members of the spiritual group she had embraced.  

I applaud her for the insights her experiences have brought her.

“The soul within community is balancing and harmonizing contradictory drives and impulses for separeteness and togetherness, sameness and difference.  Respect for difference is intrinsic to community development.  Difference is the life-blood of the group. Difference ensures greater resources of creativity, talent, skill, ideas, and perspectives.  It calls upon our ability to bring forth patience and tolerance, without which the soul’s journey lacks meaning…

Valuing difference enables us to move beyond the limitations of fear, narcissim and cliqueness, all obstacles to true community.

Loosely speaking, there are four streams or ways of relating within a spiritually focused group.  The first group are those who take a straightlaced approach, attached… to doing everything ‘by the book,’ clinging rigidly to a straight and narrow path with which they feel secure.
In the second group are those who are aligned with the philosophy and basic principles, but rebel against rigidity and certain trappings of the practice or philosophy.  As a result, they like to do a bit of cage rattling.
In the third stream are those who are neither rigid nor rebellious, but who integrate spirituality into their lives, relying on their own experience and wisdom to move along in a mature, self-supporting, and co-operative manner.  

The fourth stream are completely surrendered and dedicate their whole self, without reservation, in service to God, the community, and humankind.  They do not have private or personal lives.  Most of what they say and do is public.  the fourth stream has the fewest numbers, for now at least.  True community is incomplete without all four groups.”

by:Pemell from: The Illumined Soul

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