Unexpected Kindness

Unexpected kindness takes my breath away.  Like a rainbow that appears out of nowhere or a song that is heard on the wind.  Kindness unravels the heart.  When your world seems to have run out of human kindness, go direct to the source, to your original, spiritual home, where you were before you were born.

Your spiritual home awaits you in silence, in meditation.  What you will find there is true peace and the type of kindness that never runs dry.  Take a dip into the Ocean of Kindness.

Our Benevolent Parent also awaits you, to recharge your soul, so that you can “be the love” that never runs out.  Connect to the Source, over and over again, until you are naturally connected all the time.  This is a practice.

Prepare yourself for your trip Home, it is just around the bend!

Home of the Soul and the Supreme Soul~
Home of the Soul and the Supreme Soul~

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