Benefit from Support in Creating Shifts in Relationships

This is a powerful way to give yourself support in making important changes in your challenging relationships!


This is meditation was originally created by a workshop facilitator who has seen significant results in relationships by those who use this over time.

This meditation has been adapted slightly in order to offer you this opportunity to work with me for 14 days during December to clear patterns of negativity in challenging relationships.

This offerring is for individuals who would like the assistance of working with a neutral, detached observer to make real changes in an important and challening relationship.

As your accountability “coach”, you will receive encouragment each day to do this meditaiton.  You will be guided  into the meditation for 10 minutes each day at a regular time.  This is a free service to benefit our community.

With consisitency and accountability,  the success rate of this type of work increases greatly.  We all benefit from positive reinforcement as we gain new skills and let go of the…

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