A Meditation to Create Positive Shifts in Relationships


Can  meditation bring harmony and other positive shifts into your relationships?

YES!  This meditation can clear patterns of negativity in challenging relationships.  It can be done on your own or as a guided meditation.  You can record the meditation and listen to it as often as you wish and I’m also available to guide you into a meditative state on a weekly basis.  This is a free service to benefit you and our community.

With consistency,  the success rate of this type of meditation practice increases greatly. Since we all benefit from positive reinforcement, accountability, and support , I am offering a  free weekly meditation conference call.  Would you like to receive a live guided meditation to help you move forward in your relationships?  If so, please message me here or give a call @ 808-639-9436 to set up a weekly time when we can meditate together.

It might take a few days, weeks, or months to see the changes you desire.  Be consistent and watch how changing your inner world creates smoother vibrations within significant and challenging relationships.  Since at the end of the day, surely the only one we can change is ourselves, this is the most practical place to start.  Below you will find a valuable meditation commentary:

“Visualize yourself standing in front of a flower garden, your very own, private, sanctuary, a beautiful representation of your inner world.  Standing here, at the threshold to your inner garden, gaze at all the flowers you love.  Then gently, reach out and touch each flower and take in its unique essence and fragrance.  This connects you with your inner beauty and with peace, the natural stae of your being.

You touch the red rose of happiness and love, the pink hibiscus of kindness and compassion, and the  white orchids of innocence and purity.  In your garden, the blue sky sheds its serenity and peace all around you.

In the center of your garden is a large circle of soft green grass.   Lie down on this cool carpet of Mother Nature and let go of all agitation;  feel a deep silence and expansion of  your being.  Notice how your breathing has become deep and rhythmic creating a feeling of contentment and perfect safety.  Become the embodiment of contentment and safety.  When you feel ready think of the name of the person with whom you are being challenged. From your state of peace and safety, recognize the negative thoughts and feelings that have arisen within yourself from the interactions you have had recently with this person.

From your relaxed and expanded vision, begin to observe this person … calmly.  Look beyond the situations that have created upset and look deeply for one good quality in this person.  Think of this quality as a flower.  Give the flower a name or a color, such as the flower of loyalty or see a beautiful white blossom which represents the original pure state of every soul.  Allow your vision to stay on the flower and enjoy how it blossoms before your eyes.  This is a new and welcomed addition to your beautiful garden.

As your eyes slowly look around your garden to the arched gateway, the person you were just thinking about, enters  gently.  Are you surprised?  Not at all.  You were expecting him or her.  You find it easy to calmly observe him or her as he or she  quietly walks around, admiring your amazing, harmonious, and peaceful inner garden.

You are still at a safe viewing distance from this person as you consider if you are ready to see them as a brother or sister soul.  If you feel any resistance to this, acknowledge your feelings.  Then remind yourself of your own strength and beauty and how this garden is a reflection of your inner goodness and pure feelings.

Choose a blessing or pure intention for this person who is visiting your garden.  Visualize this thought as a ray of  beautiful, golden light, filled with the warmth and comfort of good feelings, acceptance, love, or any other feeling that naturally and easily comes from your heart.

Your intention is to welcome this person and wish them well.  In this state of acceptance, you feel flooded by feelings of forgiveness and mercy which release you from any feelings of negativity.

Visualize this golden ray of light reaching out and touching and encircling this person.  Create the thought that this ray of light and the cocoon of light that is being created around this person is removing all the negative feelings between the two of you, creating space for change and newness.

Stay in this beautiful silence for as long as you wish.  When you are ready, pick a flower from your garden and walk over and offer it to your friend.  He or she graciously receives it and you both walk toward the archway leading out of the garden.

You are happily feeling that your energies have been renewed and harmonized.   A new level of understanding has been created between the two of you.”

REFLECTION:  Creating good wishes for someone else’s happiness, well-being, or success is an incredibly powerful practice.  Most of us have to learn how to do this, especially for those who have caused us pain and sorrow and discomfort.  Overtime, this practice becomes easier.

The more you focus on your own inner beauty and virtues in this meditation, the easier it will be to allow your natural  goodness and pure feelings to arise from the core of your being.  This meditation can work like a hot spring that emerges out of the earth, releasing a soft mist of  peace, acceptance, and forgiveness that surrounds you and permeates everyone and everything you do.

If you are ready for change and would like to practice this meditation with me, message me here or give a call to 808-639-9436.  Thank you for being willing to make this world a happier place.

Also thanks to Nikki De Carteret and her book called SOUL POWER for the original meditation from which this one was adapted.ROSES of Kauai

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