The Body is like a Wind-Up Toy & the Soul is the Key~~~

child with toyThe One tells us, “this body, which is like a toy, works with the living key of the soul…  The body cannot work without this key… This body is a living toy… When a toy is wound up with a key, it begins to dance.  A soul is a living key: it is an imperishable and immortal key.

So, the soul is the key for this body, which is like a toy. If there were no soul in it, the body could no nothing.  You are living toys.  If a toy is not wound up with a key, it’s of no use, it comes to a standstill.  The body can not work without this key.

When the key stops turning, the Father comes and shows you the method to do this afresh: Remember Me and the key will be rewound, that is from old, worn out, and impure, the soul will become new, fresh, and pure once again… The Father, too, is a living soul.”

This One holds the key of change, renewal, and the establishment of the pure world, heaven on earth.  This One holds the key to the renewal of the soul, as well.  In order to enter this heaven, at its purest, most pristine time, we must become that too.

The Father gives elevated directions to make us elevated.  Consider yourself to be a soul and  remember me.  “You, souls now understand how to fill yourselves.  When a battery becomes discharged, it is then filled with power.  When a battery becomes discharged, its light goes out.  The battery of your soul is now being recharged.  The more you stay in remembrance, the more the soul will be filled with power….The Supreme Soul has now come to wind you with the key once again, that is, to recharge the battery, so that you may dance with happiness.”

When there is power, there is deep happiness inside.  To experience this, we need patience and tolerance.

Think about this clearly, “what do human beings become like when they don’t have any power?

So, the battery now has to be recharged with remembrance.  This can also be called a human battery.  The One says: Have yoga (union) with Me,” creating your incognito connection with God. Become an angel of peace, power, love,and happiness. ”

Only the one Father can give guidance such as this…  “Nevertheless, the One says, Only those who understood this in the previous cycle will understand it… The Father gives everyone the same explanation: Remember the Father wherever you may be sitting… You know that your sins will only be absolved by having remembrance of the Father…  God has given you directions for what to do so that your intellects can become divine.

If you don’t have yoga with the One who is pure, the battery cannot become charged…  There is nothing higher than this.”

Namaste, Love, Remembrance, and Good Morning to All~two in a boat

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