The Body is like a Wind-Up Toy & the Soul is the Key~~~

child with toyNew title! True story!


The One tells us, “this body, which is like a toy, works with the living key of the soul…  The body cannot work without this key… This body is a living toy… When a toy is wound up with a key, it begins to dance.  A soul is a living key: it is an imperishable and immortal key.

So, the soul is the key for this body, which is like a toy. If there were no soul in it, the body could no nothing.  You are living toys.  If a toy is not wound up with a key, it’s of no use, it comes to a standstill.  The body can not work without this key.

When the key stops turning, the Father comes and shows you the method to do this afresh: Remember Me and the key will be rewound, that is from old, worn out, and impure, the soul…

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