Feeling Inspired~

I’m consciously doing this, very systematically today.  Actually checking every few moments, just so the mind knows, I’m on duty.  We have a mind to serve us, but for so long the mind has had free rein (reign) to run the show.  Let your mind know, that it can relax now and take direction from a higher power~the soul and of course, the Supreme Soul.  Sharing some thoughts on “Thought Power” from Dadi Janki today.


every hour check your thoughts


                                                THOUGHT POWER

“Pure thoughts are those that express our spiritual personality.  Impure thoughts are all the others.  They have nothing to do with our truth.

Thought is the vehicle which takes us from our non-spiritual self to our truth.

By elevating our thoughts, we can literally end up purifying the self, inspiring others to do likewise.  Our life in itself will be the inspiration for them to change.  There won’t even be the need to say anything.

Our vibrations of pure thought can reach out and touch the whole world.

Our very life can do the work of a lighthouse.”

Shared from Companion of God: The Wisdom and Words of Dadi Janki

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