When You Become Pure, Happiness Follows

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“The desires of the senses have made you unhappy for many births.  Are these good things?  If you are unhappy because of them, why do you not get rid of them…. Where there is desire, cleanliness finishes and you become one who thinks a lot…  You remove mud from your homes. Why do you keep it in your minds? …

Children, give all these dirty things to Me.  Then I will put heaven in the palm of your hand.  The Beloved One fulfills all pure desires.

Children, I do not want anything else from you.  You only have to give Me those useless thoughts of yours.  Don’t hold on to them, they have no value.  They have spoiled your whole life.

This world which was once heaven has become hell…

By becoming pure, you will become happy… The main thing is to become pure….No one considers himself to be impure…  The Father says: ‘there isn’t a single pure person in the impure world.’

Purify the soul, in the fire of yoga.  Don’t go into too much expansion about anything, but make effort to become soul conscious.”                                                                 {murli:1/8/2016}


“To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children…the spiritual Father, Mother, says namaste to the spiritual children.

Out of Great Love,  the Beloved is pulled to see the plight of so many souls at this time.  Advice is given through the “murli”.  Many wonder ‘why does the world exist?’  It exists to make us happy.

When the children begin to drown in sorrow, then the One reappears to make us happy again.  He has appeared.  He comes for the benefit of all.

The Beloved is called the Supreme Psychologist, making complicated people simple once more, destroying the neurotic labryinths we have built in our minds.  Putting a smile back on the faces, making old men dance like young boys and world-weary artists create again.

Who is sharing this story with their friends, that no one knows what to make of,  the ridiculous story that God has landed on earth!  It is conservative, down-to-earth people, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, engineers, scientists, suddenly smiling as they never had before, for the eternal Beacon of the world gently calls: ‘Children, come and sit in My lap.’

Children rush to sit in the lap of a phony Santa Claus.  Now we are offered the infinite lap of the real Santa Claus.  Was ever so much bliss offered to so many –and accepted by so few! ” (Adi Dev pp258-260)








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