What does it Mean to Wake Up?

  1. Hanalei Bay

QUESTION:   What is the Soul? Is the soul somehow different from what we experience as our personality?

2nd QUESTION: How would I define “waking up”?

3rd QUESTION:  And if one wakes up, what is one waking up to?

ANSWER:                          It is I, the Soul who is Waking Up
The ponderings I have about “who am I?” and “what does it mean to awaken?” are questions I use in my daily practice of meditation and study.
A meditation, similar to the one below is worth practicing  to remember who you are and to assist others in the wondrous play of “waking up” to living in a soul-consciousness state.


Sitting here quietly, I turn my attention inward and slip easily into the softness of my inner world. As my focus on the inside deepens so does the breath. One long peaceful breath after another takes me into the awareness of a natural inner peace. Basking in this awareness, allows the muscles of the body to begin letting go and increases circulation throughout the internal organs, including the brain.

At my core, I am Peace and I enjoy finding peaceful ways of moving from stillness into action to express this peaceful nature.
I am the soverign authority of this chariot. It is I who sees through these eyes, hears through these ears, tastes through this mouth, and feels joy and happiness, pain and sorrow.
I the soul enjoy reflecting upon my true nature of peace to keep the organs of sensory perception peaceful too. I the soul sit in this body in the seat of self respect located behind the center of my forehead. I wish to extend the essence of peace into all that I think, say, and do.
From this place of peace, I begin to remember another place, another Home, the original home of all souls, and I am magnetically pulled there. Like a celestial bird, I fly past the earth’s gravity, past the moon, the sun, and the stars, which are sitting in the canopy of the sky. I fly, on the wings of one, determined thought, straight to the sweet, silent Home. Just ahead, I see the beautiful world of golden-red Divine Light. As always, I am embraced by the deep and infinite Ocean of Love who fills up my reservoir of peace, love, and bliss, allowing me to let go of layer upon layer of impressions that have been picked up through time spent on earth.
It is in the silence and peace of this One, that I ask myself: Who Am I, anyway? I the soul, listen with the faith and trust of an innocent child.
“You, are a spark of consciousness, an infinitesimal point of Light In form,you are just like Myself, for you are my beloved child. You are eternal, free, and ever alive. You are a reservoir of light, power, truth, love, peace, and bliss. You can charge up the battery of the soul by being in contact with Me, as much as possible, through your awareness. You belong to Me; I belong to you. Remember Me to become like Me… once again.”
I am so nourished by knowing my own nature, which had been obscured for so long by the many costumes I have worn through time. I, the long, lost child have now been found! I am Home.
Yes, these are the thoughts that can take you beyond the ego and the personality which have been created by the many impressions that have accumulated throughout your lifetimes of experiences.
These truths take one beyond the limited “I”, beyond the self-image composed of eccentricities and complexes, of habits and preferences, of fears, and loves. I, the soul observe from a distance the role I have been playing out upon this world stage of life.
“Going beyond” what appears to be “me” and “mine” is a fundamental part of my spiritual practice, a practice which allows me to touch into the core values of I the living, eternal Soul. Peace is my original state along with Love, Truth, Purity, Power, and Bliss. These aspects are the essence of all souls.
I, the unlimited soul is already safe, secure, happy, abundant, loving, and free. As is the nature of profound truths, as we delve into them, many paradoxes arise. Even though the true nature of you and I is peace…we have forgotten and created instead a world of peacelessness.
So the journey back to our Original Peace requires lots of patience, slowing down, and awakening and honoring the Self. We can’t force our way to peace. We can get there by softening, going within, and by gradually increasing the moments we spend in stillness and peace step by step, day by day, hour by hour. This is what is called the “pilgrimage of rememberance. It is a way of waking through the consistent awareness of considering myself to be a Soul, seperate and distinct from the body. Remembering where I came from and who I belong to.
I the soul am a Cosmic Traveler, a visitor to this earth. I come from another place where I am immortal, peaceful, full of all virtues and completely viceless. As I awaken each day, I remember that I have come from a radiant world of Light, as a being of light, in order to be a Light in this world.
As we grow into our true spiritual identity, our awareness models to others what awakening can be. It is the ones who hold their love of the Creator and their inner self-respect dear who become truly great and help show the way Home for all. Everyone has the chance to awaken for it is the time for it to happen. We have all been waiting for this time to wake up to who we truly are!

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