Revolution and True Freedom

rainbow over anini beachIn recent times the greatest revolution has been the awakening that human beings can change the outer aspects of their lives by changing the innermost thoughts and attitudes of their minds.   Truly, it is the only way to make changes that matter and which are sustainable over a long period of time!

The way to restore our spiritual identity is not in the rejection of the world of matter around us, but in becoming an awakened, fulfilled soul free of cravings, distractions, and self-gratification at the expense of others.  This elevated state is only possible when the soul is truly intoxicated with its Self,  fully conscious of its own worth and power, and its deep connection with all there is!

Then, it is possible to dwell, as a guest, in the material/social, three-dimensional, environment without any attachment to things, people, or places.  True freedom expresses itself through unhampered mastery of  spirit over matter or unlimited spiritual awareness over limited body consciousness, and the wherewithal to be of service to the whole, knowing that by your very presence in this world, you are making a difference.

One sage has been known to say that “when the time is ripe, the advancement of a soul towards self-knowledge (and self-mastery) comes about as naturally  as the physical body of a child growing into a full-fledged mature form.”  My friends, the time is now ripe.  Don’t waste the dynamics of this stellar age to become as elevated as you can ever be!

The blueprint for this short span of time we have before the ‘new beginning’, before the reset button is pushed, before chaos brings on its own demise, is that of ascending, completion, closing the karmic accounts of the past, and preparing the inner being for the greatest world we’ve ever seen.

Yes, the time is now.





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