To Be Real is to be Royal

photo 2 Sunday afternoon and evening were joyful and memorable for many reasons!

It turned into a stunning day here on Kauai, yet I spent most of the day fine tuning the Treehouse Sanctuary for giving a wonderfully healing energy session to a Canadian vacationer, who was having her Kauai “trip of a life-time”.

I also spent 2 hours with an advanced student of life, meditating and sharing the secrets of the three worlds and enjoying the freedom that true knowledge brings to a soul.

At 6 o’clock pm, I heard footsteps climbing up the sixteen steps that bring souls to the lanai of the “Treehouse Sanctuary” which I call “home”. Pleasantly surprised to see a family of three enter my abode to join in a sunset meditation…mother, father, and six-year old, fresh from an afternoon at Anini~a North Shore beach not far from here.

After an hour long “part guided/part silent” meditation, we drew “virtue blessing cards”. I had drawn one earlier, but drew another, eager to see what the moment would present.  In a flash of synchrony, I saw the same card I had drawn earlier from the deck of 40.  What was special-the first time-was even more so the second time. ~Internally I underlined the message as something to keep close in meditation and to be aware of in the navigation of life with the Self, with others, in challenges, and with the Beloved.

The twice drawn card was:  ROYALTY- the message: “To be real and authentic is to be a king/queen and rule the jungle of obstacles and difficulties. Overcoming the temptation to be cowardly or to lie, I move through life with dignity.”

I ACCEPT.  I AM REAL, ROYAL.   I value being real which in Spanish also refers to being royal.  To be real is to be royal. Thank you, Beloved Teacher for a day well spent!

You are always welcome to join us, a small group of souls, who bask in the light of who we are and who we are becoming each Sunday evening from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.  These meditations have relocated, over a year ago, from the Treehouse Sanctuary near Princeville to a beautiful lanai in Kilauea above a mystic river.

I love pleasant surprises, but texting works too.  If you’d like to join us on a Sunday evening~despite the clouds and the rain~the sunsets can be breathless from here!

Shivalaya 808-639-9436

Om Shanti~~

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