Remember the expression “Get Real”~nowadays its all about Being Authentic!

Getting Real, Being Authentic~whatever you call it is Essential to Being Who You Truly Are and Being True to Yourself


photo 2photo 1This past Sunday afternoon and evening was memorable for many reasons!  It was a stunning day here on Kauai, yet I spent most of the day fine tuning the Treehouse Sanctuary for giving a wonderfully energetic session of healing to a vacationer from Canada who was having her “trip of a life-time” right here on Kauai!  No surprise, eh!!!

I also spent a wonderful 2 hours with an advanced student of life, meditating and sharing the secrets of the three worlds, the beginning, middle, and end of time, and enjoying the freedom that knowing brings to the soul!  At 6 o’clock pm, I heard footsteps climbing up the sixteen steps that bring souls up to the lanai of the “Treehouse Sanctuary” which I also call “home”.  Surprise, but not really when a family of three souls entered to join us in evening (sunset) meditation…mother, father, and six-year old, fresh from…

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