Intense Mental Pleasure and Freedom

from Sister Denise


Vaeragya, the Power of Withdrawal, Solitude and Manmohj

(Intense Mental Pleasure and Freedom)

Vaeragya is the state of such detachment and disinterest that the power of attraction of material delights finds no resonance with you. This state of consciousness is a precondition for the development of the power of withdrawal. Solitude for long periods of time, lets you remain internalized, alone, beyond the emotions of loneliness, feelings of rejection, abandonment, being passed over, failure etc. Then you can cross over into the zone of Manmohj. Manmohj is the mind in intense pleasure and freedom, aware of the beauty and wonder of the drama of the world as it is. Seeing a dimension of reality where everything is as it should be. You are independent of good and evil and can neither feel guilty about anything you did, nor blame anyone else for anything they ever did. You realize that…

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