The Details of the Power of Thought – Selected from Avyakt Bapdada

On Thought


Definitions and Descriptions of Pure Thought

You will develop such a stage of consciousness that whatever thought arises in anyone’s mind, will reach you in advance of their telling you.  There will be no need for the matter to be discussed.  However, your ability to read the thoughts of others will happen only once you have acquired the ability to apply a full brake to your own thoughts.  When you are unable to discern the thoughts of others, you will need to create additional thoughts. Your thought will accomplish your tasks.  You will be able to call anyone through your thoughts.  You will be able to inspire someone to do something through your thoughts.  This is also a power, but you must develop it though experimentation.  This accomplishment is gained through srimat. (Following the supreme directions of God)  To attain this accomplishment, all other considerations must have been finished…

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