A Love Letter from the ONE~


Isn’t it interesting that we all started out as pure and positive beings (souls) and that only after the Great Cleansing, will we all be that once again…Such is the Father’s Great Love!

In today’s Murli, a wonderful love letter that many yogis who practice Raja Yoga read and study every day, it was noted that: “It is with great difficulty that body consciousness breaks.  Only when you consider yourself to be bodiless can there be love for the Father.

Otherwise the intellect (higher mind, conscience/heart) is caught up with the karmic accounts of the body,” i.e. who said what to whom? what’s she wearing> where’s the money coming from? why did it have to be like that!!!???

That’s just for starters!   Karmic accounts of the body include: relationships, finances, livelihood, the limited, perishable things that take up a lot, if not all of our time.

Too often we, as…

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