Why the Mango Tree Obediently Gave No Mangoes

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This is a true story about a grand mango tree.  This tree stands in India til today and serves as a “voice” for all others of its species.

Each summer it produced hundreds of mouth-watering mangoes which the diligent owners collected, without letting any go to waste.  They gladly distributed these luscious gifts to their family and friends, far and wide.

One year, someone started to feel that it was getting ‘old’ and burdensome to have to distribute so many mangoes to friends and family.  Others started to pick up on the feeling.  No one expressed it to the tree, but they started to feel like it was a weight on their shoulders to have sooo many mangoes.

The next year, the mango tree obediently gave no mangoes.  It felt the message that was transmitted from the humans…too much work, too many mangoes…we have other things to do than to care of all of this fruit.

A few awake souls realized how the mango tree was simply responding in the kindest way possible to the unspoken thoughts of the humans.  Its response to the negative feedback was immediate the next season.

When all the caretakers of the mango tree realized the same thing and began wishing that the mango tree would share its fruits once again, it took three years before this happened.

Why was there such an immediate effect of the ‘negative stream of thoughts’ while it took so long (3 years) for the ‘positive stream of thoughts’ to take affect?  Since negative thoughts come into the mind in a fast and heavy storm-like manner, the damage they create is quite immediate,  while positive thoughts take longer to reverse and rebuild the course that negativity creates.  Positive thoughts must be practiced over and over until they become a steady habit and eliminate the residue of ordinary and negative thoughts.  Be patient and have faith.  Check your thoughts throughout the day, make sure you are traveling on the stream of pure thoughts for they will surely take you to the desired destination of health, harmony, and abundance.


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