And He sang me a song I will never forget…



little-boy-flyingSome Comic Relief from Dr. Seuss~This afternoon my 7 year old grandson asked me to read a book I got him over three years ago.  Its called: Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? by Dr. Seuss.  Here are a few funny and wise excerpts from it from me to you.


When I was quite young and quite small for my size,                                                                  I met an old man in the Desert of Drize.                                                                                      And he sang me a song I will never forget.                                                                                  At least, well, I haven’t forgotten it yet.

He sat in a terribly prickly place.                                                                                                         But he sang with a sunny sweet smile on his face:                                                                   When you think things are bad, when you feel sour and blue,                                              When you start to get mad…you should do what I do!

Just tell yourself, Duckie, you’re really quite lucky!                                                                       Some people are much more… oh ever so much more…                                                        Oh, muchly much-much more                                                                                                         Unlucky than you!

It’s a troublesome world.  All the people who’re in it                                                                     Are troubled with troubles almost every minute.                                                                     You ought to be thankful, a whole heaping lot,                                                                          For the places and people you’re not!


Great way to go into the Day!  Have Mercy for All!!!











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