A Guided Raja Yoga Meditation


Imagine that nothing exists outside your room and that the room itself is completely empty.  Keeping your eyes opened or closed, turn your attention inward, deep inside.  Turn your attention to the softness of your inner world and to the silent observer, the eternal you, that witnesses all the comings and goings of life.  “The more we get in touch with the inner soul, the more we feel in control of our thinking.  In fact, there comes a point when we feel no need to think; we are released in the experience of deep inner silence.  We are opened to the reality and power of pure awareness.” (Boger, p. 29)

However, until we move into pure awareness,  we are aware of the many thoughts moving across the mind…pay them no attention.  Choose not to focus on the thoughts, just let them pass by.   As we stabilise in the silent observer, our thoughts appear like clouds which form and then move along across the sky of our mind and finally disappear out of sight.

When we chose not to pay attention to our thoughts, they begin to slow down.  This encouragement allows the soul to gather all its determination and surrender to the idea of peace, just peace…  Allow peace to wash away everything that you presently experience to be you – your name, your gender, your role, your personality, your body, your relationships…

For a  few moments, imagine you have no name, no position, no gender, you are purely a shining point of light, sparkling like a star.  With the power of concentrated thought, carry yourself above your body.  Now you are floating above your body, hovering above it, completely free, unlimited.

Realize you are a spirit and this is your body, your instrument.  You are entering a different dimension, beyond the physical.  You are separate from the shell of your physical body.  You, the eternal energy within, is now aware of itself.  You have entered a dimension of light.

Let yourself fly way up above the sky to a place of complete silence and stillness.  In this space of silence, you find the One, True, Source of Spiritual Power, Love, and Light.  Draw power and love and peace from this magnificent Source.  You are a living soul being filled with gentle, peaceful love.  You are being recharged.  Feel your actual self, a being of light, getting aligned, harmonized, made serene.  Soak this Light into yourself.   Stay here for as long as you can or as long as you wish.  And then very gently allow yourself to float back down to your room and into your body and fill each and every cell and nerve with this gentleness, this light, and this peace.  You are now once again back in the world of sound, the 3-dimensional world of form!

This is a mind journey you can take each day to recharge, renew, and purify.  You have a right to this.  Find a quiet spot in your home where you can withdraw each day into the spiritual dimension of light and fill up.  This will improve your relationships, your attitude, and even bring more peace into the world around you.  When you fill from the Incorporeal Source, you will have more love and tolerance for others.



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