From A Very High Source: On the Power To Tolerate ~”There Will Be a Sparkle on the Faces of Those Who Are Tolerant”~

the soul speaks to you in quiet moments   My take on what follows is that in essence, ‘to tolerate’ means to have more love to embrace a situation, a person, or even something within your self that you would like to change.  To not be affected negatively by a challenging situation or person, or even your own shortcomings is using the power to tolerate.

“To the extent that you have the power (which comes from the soul) to tolerate, accordingly you receive all the powers from the Almighty Authority.  With the power to tolerate you automatically have the attainment of all virtues.  Those who have the power to tolerate will automatically have…the power to discriminate and the power of depth and maturity.

The power to tolerate is essential.  For the mind there is churning power(contemplation of right thinking) and for the words and actions there is the power to tolerate.  If you have the power to tolerate, whatever words you speak will not be ordinary.  Whatever actions you perform will also be accordingly (not ordinary).

Those who have the power to tolerate are able to stabilize themselves in the stage of light and in the embodiment of pure thought.  There will be a sparkle on the faces of those who are tolerant.  

No matter what type of  negative traits or characteristics others may have, through your own power to tolerate, you will be able to suppress those negative tendencies for a temporary period. 

In your effort on yourself, you need the power to tolerate in order to create positive thoughts in your mind.  This is called ‘controlling power’.  For if you have the power to tolerate, you are able to also control waste thoughts.

At the present time, our aim is to become angels, for which light and might are essential, for these are clearly visible in the life of an angel.  To become the form of light and might, one needs the light of knowledge, which requires churning power and the the power to tolerate.

Being detached is more about being alturistic and able to uplift others and constantly experience yourself to be overflowing.  It also means you do not have any selfish motives, you are doing everything for the sake of service.  This is being a detached observer. 

By being one who has renounced everything, you will develop the virtues of easiness and tolerance.

From a Murli spoken on 12/12/94 by the Highest on High through Brahma 



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