Reflections on Hanalei Bay: What’s Missing?


Hanalei Bay

This is a wonderful  “as above, so below” shot of the Hanalei Pier, the  mountains, and the ocean.  What is interesting to me is how the pier, the heart of Hanalei Bay, is not reflected in the water.  What is visible is only the physical structure; the reflection of the pier can not be seen for it has been swallowed up by the shadows of the mountains.

I found this so symbolic, pointing to what appears to be the condition of many souls today…whereby the physical structure and content of their reality is dominating their life and the spiritual reflection of who they are has been clouded over by the dark shadows and has gone missing from the picture!

The part of us that is invisible, can shine like the Sun, when we pay attention to it.  This takes some effort, in that the distractions of the ‘splendor’ of the…

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