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 What is a soul?  Many talk about ‘soul’, but few truly have experienced what a soul is, what powers it contains, where it comes from, and how to live from soul consciousness.

     George Washington Carver, a deeply spiritual man was quoted by his dear friend, Glenn Clark, in a book called:

                       The Man Who Talks With the Flowers:

“The eye is the window to the soul.  The soul cannot be measured out.  The soul is infinite.  I am not trying to describe the soul, but the soul is all that we have that is worth living for–all that we have.  You take that away and we become worse than the beasts in the field.  But a thing that is incarnate with the life of the soul, like a little flower, you can reach out and look into and suddenly find that you are taking hold of the things that lift you up and carry you along and make people love you and give you the joy of life, the joy of living, and the joy of having come into the place God has for you.”


In the 3 classes on: Tips for Living as a Soul in a Temporary Human Form, we will be exploring and discovering ways to bring more of our soul qualities and powers which include joy, peace, love, power, and bliss into our daily experience.  Since the soul is extremely subtle and imperishable, it is very difficult for those with gross or purely material intellects to understand these things.  For while the soul is divine and eternal, the body, on the other hand, though essential to the soul to experience life on earth, is neither divine nor eternal.  Since you, the soul/spirit are bodiless  you must take a body on loan in order to play your various roles here on earth.

Sadly, today, most of us have come to identify more with our temporary ‘costume’ than with the eternal, unlimited aspect of our true selves.

Because you, the soul is subtle and invisible, you and the rest of us have literally lost “sight” of it and have come to consider our identity as limited beings of flesh and blood and bone.

In this 3 part class we will explore the divine art of giving power back to the soul, so it may responsibly and lovingly guide the wildness of the mind into peacefully churning true thoughts about its Self.

For example: what is the simplest, truest statement that can be churned about the nature of you, the soul?  What quality, most lacking in the mind, is, in fact, the core quality of you and every soul?

The answer, may come as a surprise!  PEACE.

Peace lives within each and every soul.

Feel into this space, to know your true nature.
Turn away from all other thoughts for just a minute.  Note what you are feeling when you disconnect yourself from the outer world and reconnect with your inner world.

Truly, it is within that  you will find the peace and love, power and bliss that you have been seeking outside, in the world of change!  It’s all within you.  No wonder you wish to experience it again.

Experiment with this thought:  Om Shanti which means”I am a peaceful soul”.  Repeat it again, quietly, confidently. OM SHANTI.  Say it  from the depth of your being. Feel the unchanging reality behind it. Feel that you are a peaceful soul.

This peace will lead you deeper into a place of silence.  Within this silence, the answers you seek can be found.

Using the material presented in this 3 week series as a practice will change the way you see yourself.   You will begin to see yourself and know yourself as a spiritual being of peace interacting with the external, physical world.  Your state of peace will begin to affect the world around you, rather than the peacelessness of the world affecting you.  Because peace , like love is contagious,  those you interact with may also be inspired to experience peace within.

The dates for  3 Classes are: 

FIRST 3 WEDNESDAYS in MAY: MAY 2nd, 9th, and 16th

 4:00pm to 6:30pm

in Kilauea.

To register for these free classes

CALL: 808-639-9436. 

You will find very sweet, powerfully guided meditations at:,                                                        youtube://AnthonyStrano

Wishing you beautiful experiences of Soul Awareness on Your Journey,

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You are receiving this because you are a beautiful Soul~

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