The 8 Spiritual Powers of the Soul


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What does Spiritual Mastery mean to you?

 What are the signs of living in spiritual power?

This article takes up the 8 spiritual powers of the soul or personal mastery based on the ancient teachings of Raja Yoga which guide the soul back to its original birthright of self sovereignty.

These eight powers are found within every soul and are active to the degree that one has become conscious of being an unlimited soul.  These powers remain backstage and relatively unavailable if one is living a life limited by body consciousness.

As you familiarize yourself with each power, imagine what the power feels like, sounds like, and looks like in your life. Reflect on how fluid you are in the use of each power. See yourself walking comfortably and confidently in the light of each of these eight powers.  They are yours to claim.

Firstly ask yourself:

                            Do I have faith that I have full rights to these powers?

Are there  limiting beliefs in the subconscious which have conditioned me otherwise, such as to think that spiritual mastery is reserved only for the fortunate few like the mystics, the saints, the Dalai Lama, or other “advanced” beings?

Then ask your Self, the unlimited you to show you all limiting beliefs, conscious or unconscious, that you have about self-mastery.  Know that these beliefs have been picked up from the world around you and that they are not true, they do not belong to you,  and it is time to release them.

Asking and waiting for a response will reveal the conditioned  assumptions that you have integrated about how attainable or unattainable you believe self-mastery is.

Next step is to allow letting go of them to be easy.  This is an important step in freeing yourself to achieve your highest state of consciousness.


        How will you know when you’ve become a master of your spiritual power ?                                                     

                                 Here’s one definition of spiritual power: 

I am in my spiritual power when I am able to respond to life with my original consciousness of unlimited love, peace, purity, joy, and truth. These qualities define who I really am; they are the original and eternal truth of the soul. 

Knowing who you really are makes all the difference. Then you are able to take full responsibility for how you interface with people and circumstances.  As you use your original qualities and your spiritual powers, you realize that you are no longer living as a victim at the mercy of the inconsistency of the world and people around you.  Instead of being stuck in ‘victim consciousness‘, your awareness of yourself as a soul living in your original state keeps you  in ‘soul consciousness’ and spiritual mastery.

The more you review the knowledge of each of the eight powers, the more easily you will be able to realize them…

If you experience any power for even one second, your happiness increases so much.”

Murli of November 17, 1994   (Raja Yoga Teaching from the Divine Source


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                                   The teachings about the soul are for all souls

  • As you become stable in the awareness of being a powerful soul,  it becomes easy to free yourself from old conditioned patterns of behavior. You become free from the behaviors and unproductive habits that controlled you before you realized who you are.
  • You are able to surrender negative, sorrowful, and traumatic impressions that have been left upon the soul to the Highest on High.
  • Your original soul qualities of love, peace, purity, spiritual power, truth, joy, and bliss now guide and influence your life and the way you respond to people, situations, and circumstances.
  • You become detached and loving and are able to take yourself and others lightly.
  • This is what spiritual mastery looks and feels like…detached, loving, and light!

Golden BUddha Light

                                             The 8 Main Powers of the Soul

The first power is called ~ The Power to Withdraw. Like a tortoise, moving to a position of safety, you withdraw from the organs of the body and become the seed. 

With this power, you are able to disengage, at will, from negative or hurtful situations in the world around you. You become the detached observer, calm and contented. 

This power allows you to return to peace and find your internal focus by withdrawing your attention away from everything external for short periods of time every day. To build this power, give yourself time to be quiet and reflective and to contemplate upon your original nature.

As you cultivate this ability to withdraw, you experience how beneficial it is to retreat from the pull of the world, other people, and the  5 senses on a daily basis.

the location of the soul

As your sense of freedom from the outer world grows and the pull of peace from your inner world increases, your meditative time and the desire for it will increase as well.

The power to withdraw is possible even while engaged in activity.  Even though your thoughts must be involved during most tasks, withdraw every so often and return to your inner state of peace.

As you practice this, your thoughts will disengage when not absolutely necessary.  Your mental energy will be saved.  This is called true controlling power and brings great strength back to the soul.  The soul begins to take its rightful place as the one in charge, the sovereign being.  As you become the master of your senses and incoming stimuli, you no longer feel like a slave to the body.

Withdrawing creates the reward of new perspectives based on clarity and a cool head.  This opens up possibilities for change.  With clarity, the need to speak so much decreases and over-thinking is reduced.

Clarity strengthens the power of intuition. As you experience success by following  your intuition, the feeling of self-mastery begins to accumulate. 

                      These are the benefits of the Power to Withdraw.

great space for meditation

The second power is The Power to Pack Up.  It is the ability to stop all wasteful  thinking about past, present, and future events, in a second, and to remain positive, lighthearted and free of burdens and worries. This power is connected with the Power to Withdraw.

When withdrawing from the external world of the senses becomes natural and easy and you’ve made friends with your inner world, you will begin to notice that you are met by 3 obstacles: a chattering mind,  an analytical intellect with an endless list of questions, and a memory full of images of past impressions and experiences.  These 3 obstacles are your greatest challenges, but can be turned into your most valuable advisors.  

However, because these potential ‘advisors’~ the mind, intellect, and sanskaras have been unsupervised and accustomed to too much freedom for too long, they now mistakenly think  that they are your masters.  This is not their  fault; it is simply the result of what has happened to you, the soul, over time. 

Your journey through the physical world has consisted of playing different roles in various lifetimes and has taken a toll on your consciousness.  Inadvertently,  the identity of you, the soul became overshadowed by and subordinate to your mind and past memories.  Your intellect became cloudy.  All of this occurred when they felt the lack of your guidance and presence.  In order to function at all, they had to work overtime to navigate the ship, which is really the soul’s job.  It is now the time to reclaim your spiritual authority, to pack up all the mistaken identities and untruths, and to travel lightly with the power of knowing who you are.  As you come into the awareness of being a peaceful, loving soul, you are freed from mental and physical tiredness and malaise.  As you become the master of the ship once again, your mind, intellect, and memories will stop creating problems by wandering here and there and getting off course.  They will be sustained by the soul’s growing ability to guide and support them positively. They welcome this process as it is restorative to the mind and intellect, which dearly need a rest!

This shouldn’t become a power struggle;pitting yourself against them would create resistance and strengthen them in a negative way.  Allow them to surrender to you, as the rightful captain of the ship.  See them as beloved companions on your journey.

As a kind friend, encourage your mind to relax and to slow down the production of thoughts.  Guide your mind to indulge in the luxury of silence.

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When your inquiring intellect asks why it should be quiet, help it to realize that the understanding it desires only comes through listening and observing, not through relentless questioning and searching.  Invite it to relax, detach, and be a loving observer.

As you learn to slow down and enjoy the silence, you won’t be tempted to jump on every train of memories that races up from your memory-bank.   Let the memories come and go. Past is past.  Refuse to get on the memory train and these interruptions from the past will become less frequent.

This second power to “pack up” is crucial to keep you the soul, in the driver’s seat, in the present moment of awareness, moving in the direction of your choice.

love yourself from the inside out


The 3rd power is the Power to Tolerate~ with this power you become like a fruit bearing tree that remains unaffected by the storms, the floods, and droughts of life and you respond to challenges with a positive frame of mind. For the mature fruit tree full of delicious fruit, when pelted by stones-drops its fruit in return. There is no irritation or annoyance.  Nothing disturbs your light frame of mind with this power.golden light and tree

This ability comes with ease when you stay seated on your internal seat of the soul as the detached observer.  You are loving, involved, and detached at the same time.  In this light frame of mind, you can tolerate all types of situations and people, and the feeling of having to tolerate doesn’t even arise!  Instead you easily maintain your equanimity, your neutrality, by  understanding and accepting that everyone has their own unique part to play, and is playing it as best as they can.

As you begin to practice the power of tolerance, you’ll realize that the first thing you must tolerate is your own inner reactions when your buried negative memories and emotions are triggered.  This becomes possible when you detach from the thoughts and feelings by remembering that you are not your thoughts and feelings; you are the creator of your thoughts and feelings.  This awareness frees you to take charge of them and to create thoughts that are positive. It really is a game of awareness!

As you become adept at tolerating yourself, it is easier to tolerate others.  You appreciate your role in this world drama as a vital one.  You realize that you are a conscious being tolerating the actions of others by accepting their energy and  returning it with a higher quality of energy. (like the mature fruit tree)

Mastery of this power gives you the attainment of  radiating love in the face of insult,  ignorance, rejection, criticism, and even hatred.  As a master of tolerance, you become a transformer of energy and are crowned with one of the highest values of life.

purple you are a soul

The fourth power is ~The Power to Accommodate.  Like the ocean which merges all that flows into it, you accommodate all in a state of equanimity and remain unaffected by past situations. You accept and encourage the presence, ideas, and wishes of others, easily. 

Visualize yourself as a master of accommodation who like the mighty ocean, accepts every river that flows into it, whether clean or polluted.  Yes, this is a big one!

Affirm: I am able to adjust myself and transform all that is happening around me. With the power of good wishes, I’m able to change relationships and circumstances, so that past is past, and the future appears clear and bright.



This doesn’t mean that you adjust to an atmosphere that is weakening or compromising, but that you have a broad outlook which can transform negatives into positives, defects into virtues.  You are able to transform the scene into something beneficial.

The ability to accommodate others is a major challenge today. It means accepting and adjusting to someone else’s flow, working with another’s ideas, understanding another’s needs, being flexible, and tuning in.  For example, let’s say symbolically you are faced with a person who is ‘dying of thirst’.  Somehow you are not aware of it and instead of giving water, you offer diamonds, gold, advice, everything but a glass of water.  What the person wants is so simple, yet until it is received, he/she is unable to value anything else that you’ve offered.

Being accommodating requires a sense of fearlessness, which gives you the capacity to flex enough to allow a situation to develop naturally. Fearlessness, on your part, allows another to make their demands upon you.

Ask yourself: How fearless is my capacity to adjust and accommodate others to maximize the potential in each opportunity for the greatest  benefit for all? 

Anahola Praying Maiden

The fifth power is ~The Power to Decide. This is the ability to accurately assess all situations with clarity and confidence.  The power to decide or to ‘judge’ allows me to know the quality of my own choices, decisions, and actions. It does not include  judging others; no-one has that right. As I grow in this ability, I can make clear, quick, accurate, and unbiased decisions.  For this I need to be above the influence of situations and the emotions and opinions of others. I also need a clear understanding of what is right and wrong.

As my powers to tolerate and accommodate all people and all situations grows, I sense (judge) that I have matured into a wise soul who makes accurate, authentic judgments(decisions).  I have gained the immense power to see myself, situations, and others for the sake of acting in accord with harmony.  The power to decide or judge is the power to choose truth, even if I must stand alone in that truth.

The power to decide/judge is intrinsically connected with the power to discriminate; for to discriminate or discern is the ability to correctly evaluate the thoughts, words, and actions of myself and others as a benevolent empress.  While the Power to Judge manifests outwardly, it relies on the Power to Discriminate, an inner process connected with the inner knowing and wisdom of the intellect.

When an inner knowing is acted upon, it has great impact upon the world.  The one who uses the power of discernment is making a statement that “I trust myself; I am clear that my actions are worthy and will bring success.  I’m prepared to stand by my choices and be accountable for the consequences.”

I trust that I can accurately assess any situation with clarity and confidence and decide how to respond.  In a detached, neutral state of mind, I judge my own thoughts, words, and actions to see if they are beneficial to the scene in which I find myself.  I become the judge of myself, rather than a lawyer defending myself and judging others!

If I see someone moving outside of the divine laws, there are two possible attitudes to choose from, other than judgment.  If someone is doing something wrong and doesn’t realize it, I adopt the attitude or feeling of mercy to inspire him or her to make corrections by being an example.

If someone does realize they are acting against divine law and they are making an effort to overcome it, I maintain an attitude of respect and endeavor to empower him or her with my thoughts by seeing them as a ‘pure soul’. To accurately judge/access the needs of others and to assist them spiritually means that I must be free of self-interest.

Kindness is the Highest Form of Wisdom

                                               Brief Review of the first 5 Powers

I am able to rely on my judgments, assessments, and decisions only when:

(1)  I withdraw and restore my inner power as a soul,

(2)  I pack up and put a full stop to wasteful thinking,

(3)  I’m able to tolerate the emergence of any negative feelings, and

(4)  I can accommodate the ideas, desires, actions, and presence of others.

When I have mastered the 4 powers above then:

(5) I’m able to make accurate, authentic judgments and decisions and create powerful responses to life. I’ve found the balance of love and law~ spiritual love tempered by spiritual principles.

However, if I know the best course of action and don’t follow that ‘knowing’, it indicates that I’m not in command of the Power to Judge and Decide.

When I check in with myself, it is not to punish or shame myself, but to decide if my thoughts, words, and actions are consistently of the highest quality.  Only by checking in will I be able to change and make the adjustments I wish to make. This is called the process of checking and changing!

While I don’t judge others, I do review their actions…for rightness, for quality, and for value.  I’m an eternal student and learn from everything and everyone around me.  I have no need to judge any person for I know that innately all are good, even if their actions may demonstrate otherwise.

power of words

The sixth power is the Power of Discrimination.  Like the trained eye of the jeweler who discerns the real from the imitation, your clarity of mind discerns the beneficial from the destructive and truth from falsehood in a second.

                                  This is the power to discern the subtle.

open your third eye and see

Discrimination is the art of seeing.  This is not seeing through the physical eyes, but with the inner eye, the spiritual eye – or third eye. This is the power of clarity, to see with different eyes and to hear with different ears. It is about trusting yourself even in the face of opposing opinions.  It is the power to listen to what is known deep within.

This power uses the capacity to see the three aspects of time, the past, the present, and the future to assess the best course of action.  It is also the power to realize that sometimes the best route is to take no action at all. This power supports you in not reacting.

The spiritual sight required to act from truth is only possible when there is an understanding of the laws and principles governing the course of human life.  Knowledge of the laws of nature, both physical and spiritual, restore one’s sight and clear the ability to discriminate.  Only then can the illusions of superficial beauty and falsehood parading as truth, be dispelled.  Only then will things of temporary value be perceived and separated from those of eternal value.  Without the development of this inner ability to discriminate, one’s journey is a path of many dead ends and frequent mistakes.  A master discerns exactly where she is going and seldom makes the same mistake twice.

Meditative Face with Soul sparkling

The seventh power is called the Power to Face. With this power, nothing seems like an obstacle, but rather like a stepping stone to victory.  You have the ability to confront and resolve external and internal obstacles, test, and challenges To lack this power means to be dominated by external dramas.

When your inner strength has been restored and fortified with knowledge and spiritual power from the Source, you are able to face and conquer all the inner dragons that emerge on your quest.  In the symbology of the saints, dragons are slayed with sword and armor. In this case, you face your false dragons with truth and honesty and thereby put misleading beliefs, illusions, and destructive habits to rest.


With the power to face, you know that nothing is too fearsome to handle.  The soul is equipped with all the powers required to face whatever comes in front of it.  This may take the form of overwhelming emotions, lack of self worth, attacks by others, or situations that seem impossible, insurmountable.  Since the ‘weapon’ of the power to face is truth balanced by love, it will face the external tests of lies, corruption, fears, and hatred equally by walking towards them and seeing the true nature of each situation. This power looks deeply to find the hidden benefit and beauty within each circumstance and to respond only to that.

Baba and Woman

Tests can come in the silence of your meditations or dreams as ancient images and feelings emerge from the dark and distant past. Horror, terror, or simply error will test your power to look at them squarely in the face, forgive yourself, and move on.  Remember past is past.  This is the power to bring into the light of the day, any darkness that threatens the new world, your new creation, your positive destination.

A master thrives on challenge and there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. Remember change and chaos are often our companions on the spiritual journey. Since there is no better time than the present, your mantra as the master, must be ‘just face it, face it right now.’  Masters know that delay is costly and they also know they are not alone.

Drenched in Rose Petals

At last, but not least, is the eighth Power of Cooperation.  Having developed your ability to give your time, experience, and wisdom in service to others, you don’t feel that you are competing against anyone.  Co-operation requires the surrender of the ego.  To truly see someone’s highest qualities of character and not their weakness is an act of profound co-operation.

The offering of powerful, though subtle thoughts towards the success of another soul is incognito, but invaluable co-operation. The generous showering of good feelings upon a friend or foe when they are down is selfless cooperation.  Co-operation is priceless when it comes in the form of inspiration and a constantly positive attitude regardless of the size of a perceived disaster!!!

To accept, acknowledge, and appreciate another is to co-operate with their journey, giving the fuel of encouragement to spark their efforts.  Co-operation is essential for unity and harmony. It’s the only way to fly for all to prosper!

spread your good energy



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