8 Signs of Personal Mastery

5 of the 8 powers are here…to be continued~


What does Spiritual Mastery mean to you?

What is self-mastery or spiritual mastery based on?  What are the signs that you are able to be the master of your self? This article will take up the 8 powers (indicators) of mastery based on the sovereign teachings of Raja Yoga.

To prepare yourself to receive the powers themselves, not just to read of their descriptions, imagine what it feels and looks like to be masterful. Visualize walking comfortably and confidently in the shoes of someone you consider to have attained spiritual mastery.

Is there a place inside of you that feels that spiritual mastery is reserved for the fortunate few… for souls like the mystics, the saints, the Dalai Lama, and other “advanced” beings?

This is an important inquiry.  Ask yourself, the you that is unlimited, to show you any limitations, conscious or unconscious that you have about self mastery.  Asking…

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