7 Reasons to Develop the Art of Being a Detached Observer

          “Do you do everything whilst stable in the stage of a detached observer?   Those who constantly do everything whilst remaining detached observers constantly experience the Father’s companionship.When you are not a detached observer, the Father cannot be your Companion. Therefore, remain constantly stable in the stage of a detached observer.

1.Remain a detached observer even of your own body.

2. When you are detached from your body and bodily relations you automatically become detached from this old world. Then, whilst being with everyone and in your relations and connections with everyone, remain constantly detached and loving.

3. This stage enables you to experience being an easy yogi.

4. By constantly remaining a detached observer, you will remain immune to any effect, even of being together.

5. Souls are not immune to the effect of action, but the stage of soul consciousness makes you immune, that is, it keeps you beyond any effect or attraction of Maya.

6. To remain detached means to be immune. Therefore, do remain  constantly stable in such a stage. Do not allow yourself to be attacked by any type of Maya.

7. Those who have surrendered themselves to the Father will  remain constantly safe from any of Maya’s attacks.”

open your third eye and see                                                     Open Your Inner Eye ~ the Divine Intellect

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