Spiritual Check-Up:Are you Racing Past the Present?

                                                 A New Year Check-Up


Stop Running The Race

Enjoy The Present Moment 

Become free from the belief that it is the future which counts the most.


Have you been  on a treadmill of achieving socially valid goals-

Are you aiming for a prize that is so fleeting it dissolves before you ever have the satisfaction of holding it in your hands, before the slightest degree of happiness of having achieved it is felt.

In this race, the many possible, fulfilling experiences of the present are missed along the way.

The most crucial step in freeing yourself is the ability to find rewards in the events of each moment.  Learning to enjoy and find meaning in the ongoing stream of experience, melts away the burden of stress for achieving something externally.

Identify and nourish the genuine rewards of life and stop running after the prize that is always just out of reach.

Once you have defined your own goals, the learning gained from overcoming obstacles along the way, will give you the internal reward of feeling more skilled, unique and capable.

In the process of achieving these individual accomplishments, an attitude of collaboration and co-operation with others can add a sense of harmony and fulfillment in life.

Being more sensitive to life cultivates a space for care and respect for other souls and their ideas and lives beyond the physical self.

This human integration and flow makes the present more enjoyable. It also brings   self-confidence in your capacity to make significant contributions to your family, friendships, workplace, and community

For to recognise one’s own uniqueness is to respect oneself.

Expression:  To have respect for oneself based on other people’s opinion or situational achievements is to have respect temporarily.

True respect for the self is based on the recognition of the fact that every individual is unique with his or her own set of capabilities. This understanding enables one to see one’s own uniqueness without comparing with others.

Experience: When I know how to recognise and appreciate my own uniqueness and respect myself on this basis, I am able to be free from ego or a feeling of inferiority. I am also able to recognise and naturally respect the uniqueness of others. Thus I am able to win multitudes of love and respect from both my inner world and the outer world.

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