Is Your Purpose-On Purpose?

Recently I drew a blessing card called Purpose.  It said that: “A master is motivated by the meaning of his/her life and will persevere regardless of all obstacles. As a master, I never will deviate.”

The question is have you identified your unshakeable purpose? For such an unshakable degree of motivation, our purpose must be clearly understood and arise from a deep level of intrinsic commitment.

Just as there are different aspects of life, so to are there different levels of purpose.   In Hindi, there is a word for our everyday life which includes sustaining the material self through one’s material livelihood: the word is “lokik”.  There is another word that is used exclusively when referring to one’s spiritual life and spiritual aims: that word is “alokik”.  There are as many different lokik dreams, goals, and aims as there are individuals. Yet when it comes to spirituality, a constant of deeply reflective souls is the quest for peace, joy, and bliss. The quality of these states must be of an eternal nature, in order to satisfy the soul, whose nature is of eternity. These inner states must be independent of the changing tides of the world, which as the 18th century poet, William Wordsworth, claimed is”too much with us”.

Another poet, Mary Shelley wrote that: “Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose-a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.” This statement also points to steadiness, unshakability, without fluctuation.

To this end of eternity and ‘constancy’,I offer the following piece as an opportunity to you, the reader, to identify and hold fast to what can tranquilize your mind and upon which you can joyfully fix the heart of your soul. There has been a trend in our western world for some time now of turning to the traditions of the east in search of solace. What I offer is the art of meditation or contemplation. For within these pursuits is embedded the subtle art of revealing the original and eternal qualities of who you are and have always been as a soul. 

Over time , as a result of walking and acting as simply a lokik human being, in a lokik mindset, our subtle or alokik nature becomes covered over by impressions and imprints of density caused by harmful and/or traumatic events that tend to distract us from the deep sanctuary of peace that lies within, just waiting for us.

Here on Kauai, I offer souls different opportunities to clarify your lokik as well as your alokik purpose and meaning in life through a process I call Spiritual Empowerment to assist you in unlocking the door into the wonderful truths about your own essential nature.

Contact me for a free introductory session of Spiritual Empowerment that will help you to focus upon, identify, and with consistency achieve your life’s spiritual purpose.  808-639-9436.

With Divine Love and Respect,


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