Let in the Light~GoldenThis is a beautiful section quoted from a wonderful book called: The Story of Immortality… A Return to Self-Sovereignty. This section is on Elevated Actions.  Imagine that the Highest on High has come down to truly give you knowledge straight from the Source, with no one else’s interpretation in between that One’s Thoughts and You, the Soul.  This is who this “I” refers to…the Supreme Soul who has come to teach all  human souls.  This is how this section begins:

“I am now teaching you how to stabilize yourself in the stage of being a soul. This automatically brings out the original pure sanskars of self-benefit and self-respect and makes you a detached observer of the Law of Cause and Effect.  Being a detached observer helps you to develop controlling power so that you do not come under the influence of any sense organs or any gross or subtle forms of the vices of anger, greed, lust, ego, and attachment. When you sit on the seat of a detached observer, you can see clearly things about your own self as well as others, and your discernment can then be accurate.  However, be your own judge, do not judge anyone else.

Whatever you do, do it after seeing and thinking about it as an observer.  You will see it, think about it, and then do it.  You will align your actions to the elevated spiritual teachings.  The habit of checking the consciousness, that is, the quality of your thoughts before performing an action, becomes natural.  The soul is reminded of its innate virtues, powers, and wisdom.  Because these remain in your awareness, you are able to use them accurately.

With this change in your awareness, you change your entire world of actions.  You experience yourself to be double light – to be the form of light, the soul, and be light of the burden of past actions.  This experience is called being liberated in life while doing actions.

I explain the meaning and significance of life without fear, repentance, or punishment by explaining the philosophy of karma. If something happens, people will say, “It is the will of God”.  You would not say this.  You would say it is the destiny of the drama.  Although, according to the Law of Action, all have to face the consequences of their actions and be accountable for whatever wrong they do, I do not sit and punish you.  I have come to show the path of efforts and rewards.  My part is to purify everyone.  I tell you that whatever has happened, whether good or bad, was all in the drama” ( meant to be).


4 thoughts on “The Landscape of Karma

  1. Elevated actions. You have given me much to reflect on. To see the action I have not yet taken, to think about it and then to take action. Being peaceful. And experiencing being happy and peaceful before acting, during reflection, as I take action and after a taking action. Letting go of attachment regarding the result. This is pure action.

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