How to Be in Relationship with Karma as a Soul

Anahola Praying Maiden

This piece is taken from Chapter 6 called The Landscape of Karma from the wondrous book called The Story of Immortality: A Return to Self-Sovereignty.

This section is called”Karma and Yoga”.

At the Confluence Age, the Father teaches the children how to perform elevated actions.  You are now learning to perform actions that will make your actions neutral for many births. To perform elevated actions, you need to have the balance of karma and yoga.

In performing actions of charity and service, some people of the world say that action is yoga. they do not believe action to be seperate from yoga. they think that be a karma yogi means to have yoga in action.  However, karma yoga means to come into action in one moment, and the next moment to be detached from doing actions. It means to be concentrated on yourself as a soul, the one who is doing the action.

Do you know how to do this exercise? If you are busy performing any action, would you be able to put a full stop to thinking about that action? Would you be able to do this, or would you continue to have thoughts of the action you were doing? In one second, you should be able to merge the expansion of the action and become the embodiment of the essence of the soul.

A karma yogi is one who has relationship with actions. When you are in relationship with karma (actions), then you are able to be detached and loving as the doer of the action. You will act from a stage of self-sovereignty – one with all rights and not under any kind of influences.  To be in relationship with actions, you need the support and cooperation of the mind, intellect, and sanskars.

Any thought that enters the mind is the soil in which the seeds of action are planted. Words and actions are the expansion of the seed. By checking the thought with the power of the intellect, (the intellect is the mother of the mind, which is the child) that is, to discern the quality of the thought, it becomes a powerful inner environment to sow seeds of action.  As a result, there is easy success in your words and actions. If you do not check your thoughts, that that action may tie you in bondage.

To do this checking, experiment with the power of pure thought. With pure thought, you are able to see the successful form of whatever you want. Experiment with this on yourself and in your relationships with others. The double power of pure thought combined with love will enable you to be victorious over the vices and to perform actions that result in peace and happiness. Experiment with this in relation to your body, mind, and sanskars, and experience the meaning of relationship with karma.

To be in relationship with action (karma) means not to be one who is under the influence of the outcome of the action, but to be a master creator of the action. It means while using the sense organs to perform actions, to be detached at the same time from external influences and temporary desires. The soul should not be subservient to the outcome of actions, but it should be the master and nd continue to enable actions to take place. The true reality of success is in the quality of the creation of the action. The outcome is just an image that reflects this reality.

The sense organs have a strong power of attraction to immediate outcomes of action, and when the soul is influenced it becomes subservient-it is tied in bondage. As a result, the quality of creation is affected. To be in relationship is to be beyond, to be detached. This means it is the function of the eyes to see, but who is it that is performing the act of seeing? the eyes perform the action, and the soul instructs the action of seeing to take place. This is to perform actions in a soul-conscious stage.

Lotus message if we master our thoughts, we master our lives

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