Chronicles of Surrender


rose on hand with light

The idea for Chronicles of Surrender was birthed on Kauai on April 20, 2008  during a session of Divine Light with my sweet friend, Emily Rose. Up in the Homesteads, a full moon in Scorpio was rising, and it was Emily Rose’s 27th birthday.  The idea for the book was inspired by the power of the unseen and its invisible force upon the soul and upon the very destiny of our beloved planet, herself.

This book has asked to be written and longs to be read.  It is in a genre of its own making…something along the lines of practical spirituality meets divine mythos, and divine truth.  It’s about real people, real places, a collective autobiography, and hard to believe truths which become realer than the parameters of 3 D life, as the reader opens the doorway into the invisible realms of the soul.

It is about letting go of the old ways to allow the new way, the new life to emerge.

Chronicles of Surrender are stories about opening to the new and to the eternal. Each one tells of newness birthed through inner dialogue, the flowering of the soul, whiffs of immortality, divine power, unlimited love, and other powerful thoughts about the true nature of existence in these auspicious and paradoxical times.

These stories chronicle personal experiences of letting go; letting go of the old, the unnecessary, and all that holds the spirit back!

Seeing into Being

Originally they were called The Jasmine Chronicles. Why jasmine you might be wondering?  Why name something so lofty as these ‘chronicles’ of life-changing moments after something as whimsical as a flower? The reasoning is somewhat autobiographical and very specific to where I was living at the time this idea came through; for every night, when it was time to let go of the day, I would be transported by the fragrance of the night-blooming jasmine wafting in through the windows of my little hale (Hawaiian for home) in Wailua. In each whiff, there was an element of newness and eternal freshness as I breathed in the fragrant air which swirled around my head.

Pikake, as jasmine is called in Hawaiian, became my benevolent, evening companion. One sniff cleansed the senses of the toil of that day and adorned my thoughts with the majesty of a god or goddess.  The jasmine uplifted my spirit, sparked a wonder in the soul, and spoke to me of a new direction,not just for me, but the new direction of bringing the Divine to earth.

Jasmine, pikake, was my friend, my ally, my beloved in the work of imagining Heaven coming to earth, in the highest sense of that completion.

Try it for yourself! Find some jasmine, although for you it might be a gardenia, a rose, or a starburst lily! Experiment! It might be the smell of your favorite cup of tea or the sound of the wind blowing over your roof as you lie awake in bed.  For you, it could be the scent of the sea, the sight of an innocent child, the taste of something sweet  infused with love? The magic is in the eyes and ears and soul of the beholder.

Whatever transports you, catches you off guard, lifts you up and out, grasp it fully into the membranes of your life, into you, the living soul. Let it merge with your own essence, with your unique flavor; let it  assist you joyfully on your mission.  Watch how ‘it’ sparks ideas and sparkles up the heaviest of heart aches.  Whatever ‘it’ is, be sure that it won’t let you drift apart from your true nature of joy, love, and delight.


Whenever you begin to gasp at how alone you are in the midst of your life, embark upon planting this fragrance, this flavor, this sound, or that sight into your heart of hearts. Let it touch you so deeply that you open naturally to remembering how much the One Above really loves you!

When you long to hold another’s hand to lighten their steps along a thorny path, yet they are far, far away, across an ocean, remember your ‘touchstone’ and there you will find them, at the center of the universe within your heart! In moments like these, envision your power to uplift all souls and as you do, your own vibration will rise to meet the Heart of the One Above.

When the wind outside your door blows cold and the sky is a pearly gray, listen to the sounds of the little birds whose songs trickle in and blend with your essence…encouraging you to remember to sing, to hum, to compose verse of your own to delight the soul, yours and others!

When you feel far from home and loved ones, and many tasks have piled up before you can touch their tender hands, remember the sounds of gods and goddesses laughing through the sound of the little birds calling out to the Beloved.  Even the rooster’s call is an honoring of the Light!

When your head is filled with so much light, you can’t see straight, breathe slowly and imbibe what is yours. Give praise and thanks when there is nothing else you can do. Stay put, do not venture out until the flow of incoming higher forces directs your awareness to the truth of your existence.  Know it is most sensible not to travel anywhere, but to sit in the stillness, and reap the harvest of the inner landscape.  Go deep to find the riches joining you to the One. Watch as Peace drifts in and who ‘you’ are, or who you thought you were… drifts out.

When you feel empty, when you ache, when you say I wish for some fulfillment, an accomplishment, an aim, a reward, for love and respect for who I am, for people who speak truth comfortably, for awakening, for YOU in all of your sweet adorableness, for beauty, for closeness, for the new moon of bringing these things in…in the coming cycle into their completion, into fullness; when you feel this way… Stop and clear out the desires of another, of all others. Clear your palette and know your own choices, your own precious pregnant possibilities.  Know your own consciousness lifting you into another realm where you can come face to face with the Mirror of Love, the Creator, the Mother and Father of all souls.  Find refuge here, my friend and be nourished.


light is here

You are not alone; souls just like you who have experienced such feelings, suffering from the ‘alloy’ that has been mixed in with what was once ‘golden’, share what they’ve found and how they have been filled to overflowing by those findings.  And so Chronicles of Surrender came to be.  It all began with the whisperings of the sweet, gentle jasmine blooming in the dark, who fanned the flames of my heart and evoked the stirrings of knowledge in this soul of letting go of this old world to make way for  the coming of Heaven on Earth. It is now, closer than ever, the changing of the times, the time to replace the old world with the new, the time of transforming hell into heaven.


open your third eye and see

Although Heaven on Earth is currently a ” work in progress”,  it is steadily being established by the cooperation of many souls, the ones ‘experienced in the special art of the transformation of life’, the ones who are busy in transforming themselves in order to transform the world, the ones actively listening to the guidance of the Divine Director, the One in synch with the Cosmic Drama.

golden light and tree

This is the time for newness, for the new life, the new world.  Inspire each other with new life.  As you move forward, remember to bless each other.  Give thanks to one another, to the ones who firmly hold the hand of the One Above in theirs and especially to the ones who haven’t found that Hand of Blessings yet!

For as we say in Hawaii, When a task is done together, no task is too big…

‘A ohe hua o ka mai `ai ka la ho’okaahi

spiral in the sky

Your blessing for coming this far with an open mind and an open heart:

You are a spiritual flower who spreads the fragrance of spirituality in all 4 directions.

You are an image that attracts all souls to you.

May you be in this awareness that: I am a fragrant flower in the Beloved’s Garden… spreading a spiritual fragrance to attract and uplift all souls.

Drenched in Rose Petals

Because you have become this now, as a memorial in your temples, they light fragrant incense and adorn the altar of your non-living idols with their favorite flowers. 

Be Still and Come into your own unlimited presence.




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