Letter to a Child

Letter dated November 2007……Found in a notebook on August 25, 2018~

To truly enjoy the harvest of wisdom gathered is to share it!

Dearly Beloved,

Writing this letter to you to share some simple wisdom which I have carefully gathered over the recent years of this journey.  I’m hoping to pass it along to you, so you won’t have to spend too much time wandering and wondering about how to live a happy life!

I’ve learned to live with acceptance and gratitude for the gifts each day brings and to especially cherish the opportunities given to assist others by listening, encouraging, and smiling.

I’ve learned to stand up for myself and know that even though I am truly beloved by God, I not the center of the universe, but a very essential part of life, unique in my offerings.

I’ve learned that each time I give thanks for everything from the bottom of the heart, the universe smiles and is able to bestow more blessings and opportunities upon me.  Granted the opportunities may also translate into responsibilities!

I’ve learned that as concentration grows to receive only fully from the One above, I am content and fulfilled.

I’ve learned that I’m not alone, I’ve always being guided, even in the darkest moments; the same is true for you. So preserve your innocence and love for the tremendous efforts God is making for your happiness. Remembering that One ~ is our main effort amidst the illusions and distractions of Maya.

I’ve learned this: don’t stand in your own way; flow, be flexible, and be aware of how you are. Be of service to life and life will be magnanimous with You!!!

With Utmost Love and Respect,

A Guiding Motherly Light

open your third eye and see

p.s. I’ve also learned that it is best not to try to change others, but very important to ‘check and change oneself’.

I’ve learned the power of making mutual concessions and acknowledging the help of others when something is accomplished.

I’ve learned that we have a choice to make people feel positive or negative and to always look for the good points in others…this is a POWER.

Acknowledge 1 or 2 wonderful things about people in your life everyday.

Last, but not least, for now, when your home is clean and tidy, divine vibrations will flow through you and your home.  If you are organized, you can even save your life, or someone else’s.

Fewer items is better-glory in simplicity. In case of emergency, less is more. Your calmness will be a source of protection for yourself and others.

Kindness is the Highest Form of Wisdom

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