Sweet Memories


Awesome Tree House

Awesome Tree House

Before the dawn, I lived in a sweet open-beamed 2 bedroom flat, flanked by mountains, overlooking the glorious view of Hanalei Bay and an expanse of ocean that guided the mind all the way to the ‘end of the road’ to the great mountain called Makana…God’s Gift.

I called this home a “tree house” because it was perched on the second floor up in the trees. There is something magical about having a tree, as well as mountains as neighbors. I remember my son, as a 10 year old, climbing into the bough of a great mother tree. He told me she was a female tree and  spoke to him and gave him true counsel and needed sustenance. Trees never lie, compete with you, or with each other. They never speak behind your back. As a matter of fact, trees have your back. No wonder when it comes to the history of human beings on earth, our story can be portrayed as the “Tree of Life”. More on that later!

This morning I am breathing in the life-giving essence of my friends, the trees and my supports, the mountains.


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