It’s Time to Spread Love

From a Journal Piece written on January 3, 2012

Ocean of True Love ~Haven of Bliss

My heart has felt this old world, full of thorns, pricks, and pokes!

I have withdrawn into the Haven of Bliss, the Ocean of True Love which I have found by being who I am…

I speak Truth to a world that has come out of touch with its own Goodness~

I speak with the wisdom of knowing I am an immortal soul, acting out my part in this Drama, knowing it is time to change from humans into angels.

I am becoming the Embodiment of my Angelic Presence filling the atmosphere with God’s Love, Peace, and Comfort. I can speak, no longer struck cold by the Maya of Love mixed with seduction, abandonment, and emptiness.

It is time to spread Love like the Night-Blooming Jasmine whose breath fills the evening air with softness Or the Rose whose fragrance enlivens the heart bringing love to the surface of life. The love that was buried so deep behind those iron-aged bondages of possession, attachment, and disappointment.

Time is running out, be ready to fly and live in exaltation in this the highest age, the Confluence Age when truly we can elevate as much as we desire.

What else is there, Dearly Beloved but You and Your children all around playing out their parts! To see clearly and know this mission of mercy brings balm to all this brokenness.

You guide me constantly. By my side, Beloved, Companion, Teacher, Guide, Friend, Father, Mother, Child.

I know You Now~ Connected so closely ~You are here and I am Yours.

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