Is it Possible to be Totally Positive???

Fully positive!!!

YES, that is the aim~

to be pure, positive, and creative even in the face of the negative and most destructive,

for the true essence of my being and yours is PURITY!

It is through this original purity that all conflict within the soul will come to an end!

Purity brings with it peace and with peace, there can be happiness.

Life becomes worth living- fully positive!!!

It is possible.

Fully Positive

Fully positive-what does that look like?

Being true to the self and not being compromised by anything less…

But firstly I must know my Self.

Who am I, the soul? What are my original, innate qualities? Let me discover my original purity, peace, love, divine power, bliss, and joy. For this I must turn my attention inward on a regular basis. To know my true self, I must go within at frequent points during the day, especially when so much of life has had me outwardly focused!

As I come to know my own innate original qualities, I can begin to see others as souls with those same qualities, no matter how they may be acting at the moment!

This does take practice, because seeing the worst in others (and myself) has become an acquired, heavily conditioned cultural habit!!!

So I give myself reminders and signals throughout the day. Originally and eternally I am a pure soul, full of divine virtues and powers. And so is everyone else.

Having an awareness of soul consciousness and keeping the vision of others as souls is a service. This truth will prevail through consistent attention and practice.

As I share the original qualities of the soul through my vibrations and thoughts, I help stabilize myself and others.

Just remembering to think I am a peaceful, loving soul brings these qualities into my awareness and then they can be brought into my actions. This is how to practice soul consciousness. Take a few powerful thoughts into your day and connect with them often in your awareness. From awareness into action...this is the method!

Experiment each day or week with a different attribute/quality or virtue that you wish to accumulate within your being.

One week have your focus on purity~create a mantra or a slogan such as:

I have only pure and positive thoughts and feelings about myself and others!

Think this 10 times, each time you drink a glass of water or a cup of tea.

Stir your pure thoughts about yourself into your food as you prepare it and eat it.

Changes will happen.

As you think, so shall you become!

Everything that exists began with a thought. Soon you will embody what you practice/think about.

Build enthusiasm for your practice! Know that the results you create are not temporary!

They are being embedded into the fabric of you, the soul.

Enthusiasm brings with it God’s help. The root of enthusiasm is “theo” from the Greek. Theo refers to God as in the word: “theology” which is the study of God. To be enthusiastic, is to be with God.

Be gentle with yourself and at the same time nurture your zeal and enthusiasm to regain your true and original, eternal identity! I am a pure and positive soul!

Fully positive, yes, it is my true nature. Let me return to my true nature.

As I was, so I will be again!!!

Become stable in knowing the truth of your own being.


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