Meditation for Children: The Magic Mirror


Close your eyes, sit very still, and imagine that you are looking into a magic mirror.  Say to yourself: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Just stay very still and look into your reflection in the clear mirror, look into your eyes, and listen very carefully to what the mirror has to say to you.

This is a very special magic mirror that doesn’t look at your face; instead it sees the beauty inside your heart.  The mirror is very wise and knows that having a beautiful face is not so important, for beauty on the outside can fade away.  The mirror knows that true beauty is found inside.  This mirror sees your true beauty.  It see the beauty of your character.

Listen to the mirror whispering back to you: you are beautiful…you are beautiful…you are fantastic…you are special…you are caring…you are happy…you make others happy…you are clever…you are helpful…you are wonderful…you are amazing…you are strong…you are lucky…you are unique…there is no one who could take your place in this world…

What else can you hear the mirror saying to you?

And now, when you’re ready, wiggle your fingers and toes, have a big stretch, and open your eyes.


Raising Your Child with “Living Values”


Whose values do you live by? What are your children learning about values consciously and subconsciously   Checked lately?

Living in a world that often values convenience more than kindness, quantity more than quality, and speed more than accuracy, can undermine our true nature.  Of course, many in our world, and on Kauai also practice paying it forward, ho’opono’pono, cooperation, humility, and even non-violent communication.

Even so, it’s hard not to notice how many folks are being affected by scenes of violence every day.   Where does violent behavior stem from? Why is so much violence tolerated in our world?  What lies at the foundation of a violent world?

How can we address this trend and create instead, homes and schools full of trust, peace, self- respect, respect for others, and acceptance?Kindness is the Highest Form of Wisdom

As a parent, grandparent, and educator, I see other parents, educators, and children reaching out for help to turn this alarming trend of violence and lack of respect, around.

It used to be easy and natural to pass on our good values to our children,  grandchildren, and our students.  Nowadays, media and technology have taken such precedence in our lives and those of the youth, that many of us give more time to our screens each day than to each other. Society is at an all time high of becoming over- exposed to much that is contrary to the values of yesteryear.

It has been proven that people everywhere value the same things deep in their hearts.  Who doesn’t want peace, love, cooperation, trust, and respect ~ the big question is why aren’t we living them?



Living Values is an Educational Program that was created to meet this call to instill values from the heart.

It is a program that was created by teachers for other teachers and parents in 1995. It has an amazing track record for transforming the climate of  families and schools.

It is not enough for children to hear about values.  To really learn, they must experience them at many different levels, making them their own.  Our children need to be able to see the effects of their behavior and choices and learn ways to turn negatives into positives.  The teaching that happens through Living Values is in all the ways adults and children learn best- through storytelling, songs, artistic expression, reflective writing, mindfulness, and inner focusing activities.

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The Living Values method focuses on the 12 VALUES,  universally chosen as the most valuable to people in all walks of life, across the globe which are: Peace, Respect, Love, Tolerance, Happiness, Responsibility, Cooperation, Humility, Honesty, Simplicity, Freedom, and Unity.

Living Values has a wonderful track record and is working for families and schools around the world.  Teach your children how to embrace the values needed to live a safe and fulfilling life

Deborah and I are offering another free Living Values Parenting Course; this time in Kapahi, to share about the wonders of “meaningful praise”, the importance of”Us Time”,  and how “active listening” creates safe, enduring relationships.  Parents learn great conflict resolution techniques to teach their children.  Learning how to “self manage” in stressful quarrels or conflicts is a priceless resource and its never too late to learn what works and never too early to teach children this skill.

The basis of the 4 week course we teach comes from a  book called: Nurturing with Love and Wisdom, Disciplining with Peace and Respect by Diane Tillman, one of the co-creators of Living Values.  She has distilled valuable lessons from her experience of working with children as a counselor, for over 23 years.

Contact: Shivalaya/Donna @ 639-9436  or Deborah @ 651-4534~to register for this class which begins next week Wednesday at 5p.m. October 3rd.

To learn more about this far-reaching program and to download free posters, visit the website:



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