How to Be in Relationship with Karma as a Soul

Anahola Praying Maiden

This piece is taken from Chapter 6 called The Landscape of Karma from the wondrous book called The Story of Immortality: A Return to Self-Sovereignty.

This section is called”Karma and Yoga”.

At the Confluence Age, the Father teaches the children how to perform elevated actions.  You are now learning to perform actions that will make your actions neutral for many births. To perform elevated actions, you need to have the balance of karma and yoga.

In performing actions of charity and service, some people of the world say that action is yoga. they do not believe action to be seperate from yoga. they think that be a karma yogi means to have yoga in action.  However, karma yoga means to come into action in one moment, and the next moment to be detached from doing actions. It means to be concentrated on yourself as a soul, the one who is doing the action.

Do you know how to do this exercise? If you are busy performing any action, would you be able to put a full stop to thinking about that action? Would you be able to do this, or would you continue to have thoughts of the action you were doing? In one second, you should be able to merge the expansion of the action and become the embodiment of the essence of the soul.

A karma yogi is one who has relationship with actions. When you are in relationship with karma (actions), then you are able to be detached and loving as the doer of the action. You will act from a stage of self-sovereignty – one with all rights and not under any kind of influences.  To be in relationship with actions, you need the support and cooperation of the mind, intellect, and sanskars.

Any thought that enters the mind is the soil in which the seeds of action are planted. Words and actions are the expansion of the seed. By checking the thought with the power of the intellect, (the intellect is the mother of the mind, which is the child) that is, to discern the quality of the thought, it becomes a powerful inner environment to sow seeds of action.  As a result, there is easy success in your words and actions. If you do not check your thoughts, that that action may tie you in bondage.

To do this checking, experiment with the power of pure thought. With pure thought, you are able to see the successful form of whatever you want. Experiment with this on yourself and in your relationships with others. The double power of pure thought combined with love will enable you to be victorious over the vices and to perform actions that result in peace and happiness. Experiment with this in relation to your body, mind, and sanskars, and experience the meaning of relationship with karma.

To be in relationship with action (karma) means not to be one who is under the influence of the outcome of the action, but to be a master creator of the action. It means while using the sense organs to perform actions, to be detached at the same time from external influences and temporary desires. The soul should not be subservient to the outcome of actions, but it should be the master and nd continue to enable actions to take place. The true reality of success is in the quality of the creation of the action. The outcome is just an image that reflects this reality.

The sense organs have a strong power of attraction to immediate outcomes of action, and when the soul is influenced it becomes subservient-it is tied in bondage. As a result, the quality of creation is affected. To be in relationship is to be beyond, to be detached. This means it is the function of the eyes to see, but who is it that is performing the act of seeing? the eyes perform the action, and the soul instructs the action of seeing to take place. This is to perform actions in a soul-conscious stage.

Lotus message if we master our thoughts, we master our lives

Tonight is Dedicated to…


This piece was originally written about a group World Peace Meditation that was dedicated to our soul family around the globe.  It went something like this:

Tonight’s World Peace Meditation is Dedicated to…

To all those who seek the deepest peace and the greatest love in life,

To those who simply seek to know what is truth and what is illusion,

To those who know they are not being true to themselves and are moved to live with greater authenticity and integrity,

To those who are aware that this world is on the edge of a dramatic and profound shift and sense they have a significant role to play,

To those who know a Higher Power is now at work in the world and hear the subtle call of that Power to be present and available,

To those who simply wish to know exactly who they are and why on earth they are here.

It is also for all the souls and all the aspects of nature that are suffering, as well as for the souls who suffer because of witnessing the suffering.  For when one sees people, including children, suffering tremendous pain at the hands of others, our sense of injustice is triggered, often accompanied by what many would call “righteous anger”, and perhaps even hatred for the oppressor.

In the process, these negative feelings create more suffering for ourselves and those around us.  This becomes a habit, an inner pattern that is repeated, not only when we witness global strife, but also when someone at home, or at work, or in our place of worship, or on the street does something we consider unjust, the same button is pushed, and the same pattern of outrage, fear, resistance, anger, or hatred emerges.

What is wrong with this picture? What is missing here? What have we forgotten? What have we failed to see or understand?

A deep understanding of the laws of action and reaction (karma) assures us that whatever we give, will eventually return to us, and whatever happens to us is the result of our actions finding their way back to us.

When this understanding is integrating into our awareness as we watch apparent injustices in the world, it defuses our outrage, lessening the pain.  It’s not that we sit passively and allow people to inflict suffering upon ourselves or others, but it helps us to see that the greatest or highest contribution that we can make, to both the victim and the persecutor, is to help them remember who they are and help them rise above the anger and fear towards each other.  In this way, we help them to liberate themselves from a kind of energy exchange that has been going on for centuries.  However, before we can do this for others, we must do it for ourselves.

Credit goes to Mike George for bringing much of this to my attention in one of his many books on Meditation and Consciousness.  Thank you Brother Mike for your clarity!

How Time is On Your Side!


Light at NightDo you remember the Rolling Stones’ song: “Time is On My Side”?  This article has been written about that kind of time, the kind of time that is truly on your side…on the side of humanity, on the side of progress after a long time of stagnancy and degradation.  Strong words, for sure, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear yourself questioning the previous statement about these times and how time could possibly be on your side, at this time when the globe is experiencing and witnessing a time of one natural disaster after the next, of pandemic, of brutality, of  inhumanity towards another’s human life, compounded by continued human atrocities to nature. Many of the scenes that are playing out at this time are creating a sorrowful darkness for our people and the world of nature. This piece wasn’t written to dwell upon the sorrows of our world, yet they cannot and should not be denied.   Rather my purpose in writing this is to alert you and uplift you and explain how time is of the essence and time really is on your side! 

Most of us are very familiar, although often uncomfortable with chronological time, as there never seems to be enough of it; and it seems to be speeding up everyday.  This type of fleeting time, which we measure through clocks, watches, and calendars is governed by the Greek god, Chronos who is god of time,  god of death, and the god of material consciousness.  

Chronos governs the 3D world where time doesn’t always seem to be on our side! But wait, there is another god of time, and his name is  Kairos.   This Greek governs a very different kind of time; he gives us a different sense of time. 

In Kairos Time, one qualifies time in terms of events that make a deep impact on the quality of life.  For example, there are moments in everyone’s life which prove to be highly impactful and even life changing.  They may only take moments to transpire (in chronological time) and yet they have the power to change the entire direction of your life, in a matter of minutes!

Kairos Time gives meaning to life that is far beyond ordinary chronological existence.  Some of those key Kairos moments are  ‘enlightenments’, but some are also traumas.  It is as though ‘time stands still’ in those moments.  These types of events change you so totally that you can never go back to what you were before.  The experience of Kairos Time creates new responses, clearer understandings and offers us important, defining, moments in our lives.

However, in order to truly change and evolve there has to be a force operating in time that rejuvenates everything and everyone; that force has to operate on life, physically, mentally, socially, financially, and spiritually in every possible way.  What is needed is a force that can reverse the effect of time!  The force we are talking about is an extremely, powerful, force which carries the state of the world and the condition of humanity from the very bottom to the  very top, from its lowest ebb back to its original, purest, and highest condition.

In India, a name for God is Mahakaal which means the Great Time. Maha(great)kaal(time) has the power to reverse the effects of time.   Mother India gives us another thought-provoking point about time; about the time some of us have found ourselves  in right now, the time period called the Confluence Age.  A confluence is known to come between two things; in this case , like the confluence between two rivers.  In this case, the confluence is an  exceptional, though short period of time, that has come between two very long periods of time.  The time that most of humanity is presently in called the Iron Age or the Kali Yuga (the age of falsehood) and the period of time that is just ahead called the Golden Age or Sat Yuga (the age of truth).  The confluence that is now occurring is between the darkest of times and  the coming   brightest of times.

The Confluence Age is the only time in our  human history when we have the possibility to elevate, to evolve, and to ascend;  i.e. it is the only time that we have the force of Mahakaal,  God and the Great Time supporting us to make a leap of consciousness to right all  wrongs and to settle all karmic accounts, both individually and collectively. 

The importance of this time is paramount!                                                                                        Many souls are tuning in to the enormous potential for greatness that is now present.It is an epic time of both destruction and creation.   It is this peak of destruction which will create the pure opening into another age, an age of beauty, harmony, and prosperity,  the true heaven on earth.

In order for heaven on earth to be established, it is imperative to let go of  everything of this old world.   The destruction of the old is imminent, and with the complete culmination of the old age, the new age is born.

Life and death, light and darkness, trauma and enlightenment, rise and fall, the natural cycle of life, devolution and evolution, and the comings and goings of unprecedented events; it is all upon the stage at this time.  Trust in the greatness of this time, let go of the known shore, let go of your fears, especially the fear of death, for it is the time for complete renewal, the time for the reset button which comes after death. 

Keep your thoughts with the Great Force that is fully reversing the effects of time and bringing in a bountiful age when the earth and all souls are made new once again.

If this article has peaked your interest in any way and/or raised questions and you would like more information and support for navigating successfully in these times, feel free to contact me at 808-639-9436 to set up a time to share.

Namaste’ and May Time Be on Your Side,



Simple Acceleration for Today and Everyday

“The responsibilty for happiness and sorrow rests on your actions”.  That simplifies karma, doesn’t it.  Time to stop blaming, especially blaming the Benevolent One.  Turn within to create your happiness and to eliminate causing sorrow for yourself and anyone else…even subtly through thoughts.

Don’t take others sorrow onto yourself, either.

It is not nearly as important to be able to sit in the “lotus position” as it is to take the position of the lotus, which sits above the ‘mud’ and is never tainted by it.

Simple fact…acceleration is in store for all who accept total responsibility for creating happiness and sorrow.

Slow down, take a look, create goodness, prosperity, health, and happiness through every thought and action.

Om ShantiLight in the Lotus

A New Affair of the Heart~Living Beyond Karma

pink and blue sunWhen I first came across the teachings of Raja Yoga and the Brahma Kumaris, I was amazed and delighted to increase my understanding about karma through the one word “karmateet”!  I understand karmateet to mean reaching the state in which all karmic accounts have been settled at the end of one’s lifetime.

I was happy to hear that there was a method to become karmateet which I could practice daily, on my own!  With true benevolence, the One, the Highest on High teaches that souls can become free of their karma by “Remembering Me”.

Since the Beloved is also the Purifier, by cultivating a stage of being in yoga (union) with the Purifier, our negative karma is burned away.   Being honest with the Purifier and hiding nothing is important.  Anything that is hidden, will persist and therefore can not be lifted!  The Purifier understands the state of all souls at this time is impure.  The Beloved Purifer is pleased with an honest heart.

Honesty is a prerequisite part of the process of becoming pure along with keeping our subtle awareness on the Highest on High, not only while sitting in meditation, but also throughout the day.

You may very well be thinking, how much “yoga” must I have in order to cleanse lifetimes of mistakes and become pure and free, once again?  Great question…a question that truly matters!

Another question arises~how much meditation with the Divine can I fit in  when my present lifestyle requires so many hours a day of “work”, so many hours a night of rest, so many hours devoted to caring for the children, the pets, the garden, the house, the car, and on and on…It could seem like an impossible task to accomplish in one lifetime.

However, the One being truly benevolent and the One who has never, stopped loving you, even for a moment, wouldn’t ask you to do something that could not be accomplished.  It would surely go against that One’s Nature; for the Beloved is the Comforter of Hearts, as well as the Remover of Sorrow. This One does not impose more sorrow and concern or come to give you any other difficulties.

Here’s where another concept became transformed for me.  If you are anything like me, you may have been interpreting karma yoga to be performing various kinds of tasks, usually unpleasant, to rid oneself of karma; or on a slightly higher scale, doing service, which you might even enjoy, to cleanse your karma.  A fair trade-off, although more like a punishment or “duty” than an attractive option!   I realized something today, after churning these words, for over 6 years.   When the Beloved says: “Do actions with your hands, but remember Me with your heart”, He/She is talking about “karma yoga”.

Though I understand the importance of eating and preparing food, going for a walk, speaking to a friend, all while remembering the One in your heart was another way of having yoga, it wasn’t until today that this confluence, this coming together, of performing “karma yoga” within the heartspace of remembrance of the Beloved  jelled enough to become a joyful experience, a profound feeling, of what it means to enjoy each scene of our lives!

For this, too, is a direction from the Beloved:  enjoy each scene of this drama with Me.

Karma Yoga  is an affair of the heart.  For it is only within the womb of this intimate, loving, joyful, relationship that our heart and soul can sweetly and easily be made clean by the Beloved.

Karma Yoga is not merely a utilitarian principle asking you to do some work, some service, some ‘karma yoga’ so that your soul will be cleansed or your conscience relieved.

Karma Yoga and being a karma yogi is a transformational state of being in which to live one’s life!  The definition of a karma yogi is very deep.  Every thought of a karma yogi would spread vibrations of love for the One. 

For example: “when you look at a soul who is in love with another soul you can see that that soul is lost in love from that one’s face and sparkle.  Similarly, ask yourself: Does your every action give the experience of being a loving soul to the Father?  This is known as being a karma yogi.” (Avyakt Murli spoken on June 15, 2014 and originally spoken on January 24, 1978)

Suddenly the watered down interpretation of karma yoga that had become part of my inner attitude now seemed joyless and light years behind this new understanding!

The new definition of karma yoga had emerged in my heart:  nurturing and sustaining awareness of constant connection with the Beloved  resulting in  being naturally immersed in Divine love in every thought, word, and action!

Following this guidance of  enjoying every scene of life with ‘Me’, it’s easy to see how blessings can accumulate in the ‘now’ and encourage one to maintain elevated thoughts, words, and actions,even more!   As the immediate fruit of living from Divine love is created and enjoyed, one is sustained and strengthened to stay on the path of remembrance.   As each action becomes fruitful, not just utilitarian, the soul becomes content, happy, and successful, as a result of having these pure thoughts, words, and actions.  Living proof that “Purity is the Mother of Happiness”.

Karma yoga brings joy and pleasure into each present moment,  and one is not just living for the future but also cleaning up the past.   Living life in the present moment takes on new meaning as our elevated present creates an elevated future.

The trigger of all this newness, began brewing in the early hours before dawn.  While the world slept, a book  was opened, a book that had been sitting on the shelf for years.  In it was this guidance, originally spoken on February 24, 1984.   The title of the piece is: “Suffering for Karma will not allow you to be a Karma Yogi”.

Here is what was said:

“The meaning of karmateet is not to be beyond karma but to be beyond the bondage of karma.  Sometimes, in the bondage of the body there are actions performed in which you say, ‘This is my nature to live comfortably, to eat at a particular time, to live in a particular way,’ and all these are aspects of the bondages of karma that draw to themselves….  Just as in bodily illness, where the suffering of karma pulls to itself through pain, so that you say, ‘What can I do?  I am okay but this suffering of karma is severe,’ in the same way, if any particular old sanskara (impression) or nature (character trait) or habit pulls you to itself then this is also the suffering for karma.  And so, any sort of suffering for karma will not allow you to be a karma yogi.  So you have to go beyond this also.”

This passage is deep and bears several readings to extract its essence.  It points out  how habits, character traits, as well as our past lives equal the “bondage of karma” and how all three pull us even when the pull is into, what appears to be something good, the comfort of living in a certain manner, in a certain material way….this pull means we are not free.  For if the comforts of the material existence were taken away, then what?

It leads one to understand that one who is a “karma yogi” is one who is living freely, who is beyond the pull of his/her own karma.  How is this accomplished?  It all relates to understanding where the karma yogi’s comfort and happiness come from.

When goodness and comfort, are drawn from a connection with the Supreme  Source, from the union with the eternal Beloved, then one is contented spiritually and therefore happy! If this connection with the Beloved is a primary focus, then even if one is living a life of  material luxury and comfort, as long as his or her happiness is not dependent upon or trapped within those facilities, that one is a karma yogi.

A karma yogi would use the benefits they have accrued in this physical world for the highest good of all, i.e. to help awaken and free others from a life bound by their karmic bondage.  Their very presence in this world helps to guide and awaken others to true and lasting happiness which is realized as one embraces the awareness of remembering who they are ( an eternal spiritual being)  and who they belong to (the eternal spiritual Beloved).

Are you feeling trapped by anyone or anything?  Take a new look at the situation; remember the Ocean of Love and draw your sustenance from there, rather than from expectations of how you would like this person or situation to be.  This will help settle the account that created this type of relationship in the first place and you won’t be creating more negative energy through your unfulfilled or uneasy thoughts about the situation.  Then easily withdraw your dependence from that situation or person being “a certain way” and watch how much room for lightness and magic you have created in your world!!!  This is called transformation!

Om Shanti