What is the Inner Secret of the Soul?

sparking soul

Looking within allows you to see                                                                                              What’s going on below the surface,                                                                                        Beyond the senses.                                                                                                                      To see beyond this 3-D world which seems so real, so full                                                    Takes courage plus determination.

To move in a new direction…                                                                                                    To explore the unknown, to move in a way                                                                              That departs from the ordinary….                                                                                                There must be a deep longing for stillness,                                                                                           for peace.

To enter into awareness of you, the soul,                                                                          your attention goes inward to the point of light in the center of your forehead.      You  are eternal light.                                                                                                              You are a living soul.

As you identify with your real identity, it becomes easier to disengage from limitations of the body and everything related to it.                                                          This experience gives wings to the Self.                                                                                 Intuition becomes more powerful.                                                                                          Sovereignty of inner resources, talents, virtues, and spiritual powers is yours.the location of the soul

Seventy-five years ago, Dadi Janki, a living treasure and the present head of the Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University on Mt. Abu, India asked herself:                                                    “What is the inner secret of the soul?”  

What she knows deeply and teaches through her presence is that:  “Everyone desires peace because the intrinsic quality of the soul IS peace…          This is the first lesson~ each of us is a peaceful soul…”                                                     

This is the core of who we are;                                                                                                    It must be experienced again and again…                                                                             To bring us into stable awareness of the consciousness of our own state of peace      Through the ups and downs of life.

This 3 part series assists you, the peaceful soul, in knowing and experiencing the truth of the state of being that is You.

The Sanskrit words ‘Om Shanti’ mean: I am a peaceful soul.

The feeling of inner peace that comes from saying, I am a peaceful soul,        open your third eye and see Om Shanti, is just the beginning.                                                                                           From peace, there will be feelings of love.                                                                      From love will come feelings of happiness.                                                                          Ultimately all three lead to a feeling of personal power.

These feelings of peace, love, and happiness are the basis of good meditationTo feel them and then to carry them into our lives                                                         is to make meditation practical.”                                                                                            (Spiritual Greatness by Dadi Janki)

The more we recognize the self as a peaceful soul, a point of light, a living star, the more we enjoy meditation.

As one contemplates upon the truth of the inner self, the vibration of this truth produces vibrations that calm the mind and even the environment and atmosphere around you.  You become a powerful catalyst for awakening other souls to their true nature.  The inner eye will begin to open and you will begin to ‘see’ yourself and others in a new light.                                                                                                                                               As each soul awakens and transforms, the world transforms.                       

This course is filled with valuable knowledge and lots of practical methods to make soul consciousness a way of life.                                                                                                  It also offers the chance to meditate in a high atmosphere.                                                                                             It will make you, the soul smile!

To register for this free class, given on Friday afternoons, please call me at 808-639-9436

In Peace,



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