Foods that Knock Mold Out of Your Body

This is essential knowledge about removing mold from our lungs, lymphatic system, and tissues with food for those of us who are weathering the after effects of the record-breaking Buffalo Storm we all experienced on Kauai. This list of wonderful food allies to clear our bodies from suspected mold contamination comes from the Medical Medium, [...]

Lightness and Magic Are Real

The deepest untruth has been to go down the road, so far, into the depths of matter that I forgot who you and I are!   This turning away from the lightness and magic of our unlimited nature is the deepest lie. The deepest lie is being pulled into the claws of Maya, the Grand [...]

Points on the Landscape of the Soul

Revision is so essential…it brings in clarity and updates and moves the writer along on this journey charted by words.


There is history here, an inner history that helps the soul to mark the changes made over time.  As I, the soul, review this journal, I note that, physically I have shifted from Big Island { the youngest and most volcanic island} to Kauai, the oldest, and for a lot of us, the most serene and beautiful!  Intriqued, I read with an awareness to find other more subtle shifts in consciousness, spirituality, and awareness.

This JOURNAL was started on January 24, 1999 in Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii and has been holding these thoughts securely in its midnight blue covered notebook called the” PASSAGES JOURNAL”, for over 15 years.  This journal  was designed with beautiful quotes from well known writers written throughout, as pertinent reference points on the landscape of thought.

Rediscovering old journals is like finding hidden treasure.  As I opened this one,  the first thing I…

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I heard music coming through the night out of nowhere~

A note from the soul on  a night of extreme inspiration and knowingness coming to the surface. (Found in a journal from August 28, auspicious ending to an auspicious day )  Poetic Pieces of Eternity, Speaking of Longing "I heard music coming through the night from nowhere, poetic fragments of eternity speaking of longing. [...]

I am awake to the magic and kindness of the ONE~

5/25/2014 I am awake to the kindness of the ONE who teaches me everyday and who is healing my heart from all impurity. I, the soul, love purity, seek purity, and give pure feelings to others through my thoughts. I am in deep communion with the ONE on this magical day. I am awake to [...]

Listen From the Inside

 Sitting here thinking of you, the reader,  I realize how it has taken years of pondering issues, problems, and dilemmas to get to a point of knowing. This kind of knowing goes far beyond the twin shadows of doubt and delusion. For so long, I wondered if I  had something to say worth the time [...]

Let the Heart Be Constant

Inspiration for the Soul, How to Know Yourself? Reaffirm again and again that you are a Soul, a child of the Unlimited One who transforms you into a Master of the Self and the World as you Remember and remember...

Soul Landscape

To know, to heed, to grow in the direction of Soul Awareness, affirmed through the charting of one's years in an old journal, called Passages.

Notes From My Mind, Eleven Years Later~Relevant and Real

Sunday, March 25, 2007 Enthusiasm is what it takes to get out of bed.  This is the message I awoke with.  Saw a reddish pillar in the sky with a rainbow on one side... popping through the misted sky. In last night's dream I was going on a journey, alone.  I woke up with the [...]