Notes From My Mind, Eleven Years Later~Before the Dawn

Rainbow path

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Enthusiasm is what it takes to get out of bed. In dream-time, last night I was going on a journey, alone.  I awoke with this sense: enthusiasm is what it takes to accomplish whatever you wish to accomplish! Then I looked out the  window to catch a red pillar in the sky with a rainbow on one side… popping through the misted sky.

Tuesday, March 27 ,2007

Impermanence, the very nature of life, assists us, if we are willing, in not being  attached to it all.  It can teach us to build our treasure in heaven, not in this transitory world… Helping others to create a true life is so valuable, a worthy use of time and energy.

Moments of inspiration about the essence of life come in many forms…synthesized.

Plant the seeds of a living treasure within one’s own consciousness.

It takes faith to plant a seed!  Faith that it will respond with life and answer your call…so too it takes Faith to have a dream, to establish paradise within and without…Knowing that this is the Creator’s Dream too!

It takes effort and also a “knack”.  The knack is a knowing that it is possible.  A knack is composed of  awareness,  knowledge, and  willingness.

Saturday before Easter, April 7, 2007

Know the Beloved from the inside.  Write to Him~  Write to Him and see how He responds.

Allow me to be a solid person…solid with God…to stay awake…to be kind…to remember!!!

Sunday, April 22,2007

To become a solid being, solid teacher, mother, mother-in-law, friend, sister, writer, walker, swimmer, light-giver, gardener, be a Lover of the ONE.

May 20, 2007

Being still is the way of redemption…Being still allows the vibration of Peace to emerge and wave her wand over this landscape creating a benediction of joy in many colors.

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