Directions To Myself

Simply catch hold of your ORIGINAL FORM, your unlimited Self!

Recreating our lives by catching hold of our original form involves removing ourselves from the limitations of body consciousness. By sitting on your seat as a soul,you are automatically able to transform your sanskaras (old patterns). Words of weakness are not the language of an aware soul. So why do you use this language?

First of all, check yourself, and then speak.

Set yourself on your “seat” ( your third eye) and then create thoughts and perform actions. By sitting on this “seat” (in the center of the forehead), you automatically receive the blessing of being elevated. So why do you let go of this seat that is blessed and labor instead? Then after laboring you become tired and disheartened.

Adopt the easy method.

Everything depends on your awareness.

Does your awareness remain constantly powerful and great or is it sometimes great and sometimes ordinary?

Whatever someone is, be it a musician, a conductor, a doctor, a healer, a teacher, a student, a mother, a child, she always conducts herself while aware of who she is. In the same way, since you are elevated souls, special actors, why does the awareness of the form of this birth, of your position and your occupation sometimes remain special and sometimes become ordinary? Why do you forget the greatness of your life and your birth?

Why is there body consciousness? Why do I identify with my temporary form in order to play my part. Maya opposes and we forget our true selves.

Remember who you are, trust in the “drama” that it is always beneficial and working on your behalf! Pay attention to your role. Have deep meditation in soul consciousness. Have the inner humility to give up everything and be open to something more powerful.

There is only one mantra and only the ONE who gives it. It is given to purify your soul.  It is given by the ONE who puts all the pieces of your heart together.

“Remember Me constantly and renounce all bodily belief systems, forget your own body, and your story about all your bodily relationships.  Consider yourself to be a soul and become bodiless.”

Fall in Love with who you are…with YOU, the soul.

The One Great Mantra: “Remember Me, the Bodiless One”.

To understand is to become. Move with great tact.

Consider yourself to be a soul and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination.

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